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NC redistricting: Here come the sore losers …

          If at first you don’t get your way — sue, sue sue. The North Carolina Democrat Party has stepped up to the plate with its lawyers to sue over the redistricting plan recently approved by the Feds. The plaintiffs include a lot of Democrat politicos with the prefix “former” attached to their names (former state Senator Margaret Dickson, former Congresman Bob Etheridge, etc.): Dozens of…

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NC redistricting: Good to go!

    The US Department of Justice has put its stamp of approval on new General Assembly and congressional for North Carolina — despite a computer glitch that left a handful of communities unassigned to a legislative district: The U.S. Department of Justice gave preclearance to the Republican-crafted redistricting plan Tuesday evening, hours after Democrats raised concerns about a computer glitch that didn’t assign some voters to districts. In a…

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The 411 on North Carolina’s ‘Golden Leaf’ fund

    You hear mentions in passing in statewide news stories about something called “The Golden Leaf’ fund.  In this video, Jeanette Doran, a staff attorney at the NC Institute for Constitutional Law, offers a quick, layman’s terms explanation about this grant-awarding entity.

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New State law on campaign signs

    In August, the state legislature enacted  a law which should have a significant impact on political campaigns and local efforts to police sign ordinances: Towns and municipalities no longer have jurisdiction over some campaign signs placed on their borders. In August, the N.C. General Assembly enacted into law Senate Bill 315 which permits placement of campaign signs on the rights-of-way of state maintained roads even if those roads…

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NC Teacher Job Loss Misinformation

      The Raleigh-based Civitas Institute has released an interesting study that contradicts the spin from leftists and their media comrades about those mean ol’ Republicans and their state budget cuts: An August 31st   press release by the Department of Public Instruction declared that this fall, the public schools will eliminate more than 6,300 positions and layoff more than 2,400 school staff—including over 530 teachers –  from existing positions.  A spreadsheet attached…

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Creative jurisprudence 101

        The abortion lobby, worried about the effect of a new NC state law on their government cash cow,  shopped around and found a federal judge to say what they wanted her to say: A federal judge on Tuesday blocked the most controversial part of the state’s abortion-restriction law, which goes into effect today: the requirement that patients be presented with a narrated ultrasound image of their…

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Where’s Walter? NC’s barely-there Lt. Governor

Is it just me, or did Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton simply vanish after the 2008 elections?  This guy has got to be one of the most low-key statewide politicos we’ve had in a  long time.  (To tell you the truth,  he has been so low key I had honestly forgotten who won the 2008 race.  By the way — Thanks, Google.)  Dalton’s low key out of sight, out of mind…

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Rep. LaRoque and the latest on the smell test

        The problems keep piling up for state Rep. Stephen LaRoque (R-Kinston) — a close political ally and friend of SpeakerrrrrRichardMorgan™.   According to the left-wing group NCPolicyWatch, a defamation lawsuit LaRoque filed against a political opponent is starting to backfire on LaRoque: State Rep. Stephen LaRoque’s federally-funded non-profit will have to keep paying $250 a day for failing to provide documents in a defamation lawsuit LaRoque…

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Two great weapons for debating economics with lefties

        I’ve stumbled across two great resources — both available for free online — that provide great info, in layman’s terms, for defending capitalism and the free market from the liberal hordes.  First, is the 2011 Budget Chart Book published by the DC-based Heritage Foundation.  The book takes the federal FY2012 budget and breaks it down in terms that don’t require a PhD in economics to interpret….

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Dems & media pals tossing Bev under the bus?

        The N&O has been salivating lately over the possibility of state Rep. Bill Faison(D), who represents the Chapel Hill-Carrboro crowd in the House, challenging Boss Bev’s renomination in 2012.  This story line has been getting almost as much play as that “Perry and NC barbecue” nonsense: For a state lawmaker who represents a mostly rural district, Bill Faison readily admits he is “covering a little bit…