$211,0000-Plus per year to teach TWO CLASSES ???????

graphicGeneNichols_1That’s right, folks.  The drive-by media, already trying to paint liberal gasbag and self-anointed “poverty” expert Gene Nichol  as some Christ-like martyr, let this little gem slip:

[…] Nichol is paid an extra $7,500 as the poverty center’s director on top of his $211,400 salary, law school spokeswoman Allison Reid said. He also is allowed to teach two courses a year instead of the usual three to accommodate his work as the center’s director. […] 

Yes, the drum circle crowd threw a fit, and Big Gene ranted for the drive-by steno pool, as the UNC board of governors voted to kill off one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on university property.

Blinkin’ Chris and his comrades at Goodmon Inc. are working overtime to convince us that this is a tragic blow to academic freedom.  Are we seriously supposed to believe that the skulls-full-of-mush will be denied their fair share of leftist propaganda now that Big Gene has lost his platform?   

WHAT work did this individual actually perform to get paid nearly a quarter million a year and avoid teach — *gasp* — a THIRD class ???

The real blow to academic freedom comes in the form of leftist shout-downs of anything remotely conservative.  Like disrupting conservative speakers invited to address students on campus, for instance. uncch

Conservative leaning students on college campuses these days walk around with their heads down and their mouths shut.  Who wants rioting drum circlers all up in your business 24-7?   

Mezzanine_118.jpg.fit.344x192You could pack Gene Nichol up and send him off to FAT CAMP for two years and NOBODY would miss him.  This center of his — created as something for John Edwards to do between campaigns — was a joke from the beginning.  First — whose idea was it to have (1) a filthy rich trial lawyer / ex-senator and (2) “Two Hundred Grand Gene” as the spokesmodels for poverty in North Carolina?

Nichol did next to nothing to add to the academic climate on Chapel Hill.  There was nothing being offered at his center that you couldn’t find elsewhere in town.  He didn’t appear to do much but bitch about Republicans.  Republicans who appropriate his way-too-generous salary, by the way.  

Nobody is stopping Nichol from cursing Phil Berger or Pat McCrory at the top of his lungs, or from filling young tuition-paying skulls of mush with said tripe.  He’s just not going to have a special university-provided pedestal to, um, work his magic from.

This should be viewed as the opening shot in a fight to return sanity to our state university system.  The left has so polluted it for decades now that our future as a state and a country are threatened.  There are only SO many Queer Studies or Womyn’s Issues graduates our economy can absorb. 


13 thoughts on “$211,0000-Plus per year to teach TWO CLASSES ???????

  1. Yes, please tell me again all about how the state and the UNC system need more of my money, and how they’re ALREADY such lean, mean, educate’in and govern’in machines…

    *shakes head*

    1. JBP, are the taxpayers paying or Palins’ speeches? And, I guess you know what Hillary & Bill get for their time. Sometimes paid for by taxpayers.

      1. Or paid by Leftist Indoctrination Camps (universities) which seem always to be broke and begging for money.

        Recently, UCLA shelled out $300,000 to hear the geriatric Hillary Clinton deliver her moth-eaten repertoire of vapid woofs, squawks, and cackles. Could this be a reason for your deficiencies, UCLA Egghead Officialdom? ~

        ” . . . when school officials at the University of California at Los Angeles sought a price reduction on a $300,000 speech Clinton delivered last March, asking about a reduced rate for public universities, Clinton’s representatives didn’t budge: $300,000, they said, is the “special university rate.”


        Plus, they fail to list Clinton’s other uppity, elitist demands to make this speech, which should have embarrassed her — if that were possible, which it isn’t.

        Ahhhhh, JBP, et al. ~ the suffocating reek of Lefty hypocrisy.

    2. JBP, all political speakers get what the market demands from an interest level point of view. It’s a business. When a state employee gets paid to do nothing, that’s our tax dollars at work (or not)!

  2. The UNC-system spends most of their time decrying a lack of taxpayer funding and the other half raising tuition.

    The UNC-system needs to produce another basketball national champion or greatly improve UNC football. The taxpayers put a lot of money into the UNC-system and deserve winning teams.

    Yeah, I know, no taxpayer money supports any athletic expenditures across the UNC-system.

    1. Jr., let’s not confuse athletics with academics here. Politics and sports are two different things.

  3. ” . . . whose idea was it to have (1) a filthy rich trial lawyer / ex-senator and (2) “Two Hundred Grand Gene” as the spokesmodels for poverty in North Carolina?”

    The same mastermind who made Jeffrey Dahmer spokesman for a vegan society?

    1. Don’t forget, Gene was run out of W&M. It took them awhile, but since he couldn’t behave himself after warnings, they had to get rid of him. Why in the hell UNC took him on is beyond me.

  4. Until the Board of Governors replaces the current crop of UNC-CH trustees, nothing is going to change. The current trustees have completely failed to do their job running UNC-CH. If the BOG is really serious about reform, they will elect new trustees for UNC-CH this spring. If they don’t, the legislature should replace the BOG. Time is running out.

  5. hold on to yer helmets…Gene Nichol and his wife really know how to avoid poverty both at taxpayer expense…

    I have read that his wife is paid around $400,000 over at yer UNC Medical school faculty…So with full frivilous NC employee benefits, they are rakin’ in about $700,000 from our pockets. THIS is what our UNC system has become. Salaries are an OUTRAGE.

  6. I can see these types of salaries if he was a football coach or maybe a stadium groundskeeper.

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