Who’s REALLY ceding power to the Democrats

Oh, just roll THIS around in your head for a minute:tea

[…] Losing a subcommittee chairmanship midway through a congressional session is among the most serious punishments thus far in Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) majority. Boehner and his leadership team have grown frustrated with Republicans who vote against the procedural “rule” motion. Those votes — which allow the Republican leadership to bring a bill up for debate and a vote — typically fall along party lines. But a group of conservatives has voted against the measures, mostly in protest of Boehner’s leadership. Republican leadership sees the move as unacceptable —akin to ceding power to Democrats. […]

OK.  To put this in context — they’re talking here  about Mark Meadows and some other conservatives daring to buck Boehner & co.  on TPP, TPA, TAA and all of that other trade stuff.  meadows point

So, Mark Meadows is a sell-out to the Democrats?  Seriously?  

So, what do you call leadership’s sabotaging of Meadows’s and Ted Cruz’s efforts to defund ObamaCare?  The GOP got its majorities in 2010 and 2014 with the directive to kill ObamaCare and stop Obama.  We had GOP majorities, but the Democrats got what they wanted — the continued existence of ObamaCare. 

How about the amnesty  decree from Big Barry?  We got promised a showdown — via Homeland Security funding — to make Barry back off.  It never happened.  We have GOP majorities.  The Democrats still have their amnesty.  walter-jones-new-2011

Taxes have gone up and spending has exploded since the Tea Party Revolution of 2010.  We put new guys in charge of Capitol Hill, and we get all the stuff the old guys wanted.

Oh, and let’s not forget all of this TPP and TPA and TAA stuff.  These are all secret, hush-hush documents hidden from public view that give the president and select politicians all kinds of new powers in trade negotiations with foreign countries.  It’s pretty clear that most of the Congress had not seen the documents themselves.  Yet, they were being beat on to vote FOR them.  It was quite Kafkaesque to read all of these quotes in the press from Republicans expressing concern about how Big Barry will look on the world stage if that legislation did not pass.

Meadows, Jones, and the rest of their merry band are not betraying Republicans.  They are honoring commitments to the voters back home.  They are standing up for government transparency and limitations.  We need more of these guys in DC.



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  1. The ones who are betraying the Republican voters and the Repubilcan Party are John Boehner and Mitch McConnell in their constant sellouts on policy to Obama. They want to crush the Republicans who stand up for Republican policy and who refuse to go along with their sellouts to Obama.

    That is why a Pew Research poll recently showed that only 37% of Republicans voters had any confidence in the GOP Congressional leadership. I’ll bet if the poll had used Boehner and McConnell’s names the number would have been even lower.

    It is also why a Democracy Corps poll just before Boehner’s last election as Speaker showed that 60% of Republican voters did not trust Boehner and wanted a different Republican as Speaker while only 18% wanted Boehner to stay Speaker. The grassroots is fed up with the bozos we have in Washington, and that is damaging the GOP brand.

    It is time for the party organization to stand up to the Obama enabling DC ”Republican” leadership. The state party needs to come out loudly against Boehner’s pro-Obama tyranny and it needs to put as many teeth in what it does as possible. Among other things, in the next leadership battle, party leaders need to whip votes of NC Congressmen against Boehner. Boehner is just Pelosi without the skirt, and McConnell is no better.

    The grassroots got rid of Eric Cantor, and they can do the same to Benedict Arnold Boehner.

  2. Still waiting for action from our new state chairman and vice-chairman. Are they not going to defend our state party and a great congressman? Why the silence?

    1. This is not a shoot from the hip situation. To show the weight of the party behind them, they need to bring a plan with some teeth in it and get at least the Central Committee behind it, if not the Executive Committee. I can think of a lot of things the party could do, but the exact mix is something that needs to be thought through for maximum impact. The best impact can be achieved by something that can get the ball roling with other states. I think one step that needs to be taken is for the party to start taking a formal position on Congressional leadership races and press our Congressmen and Senators hard to follow those positions.

      1. I believe the new Leadership team can count on a majority of the non-legislator component of the Executive Committee to back them up. Having said that, they’ll have to do something if the new Chairman is to realize his promise to re-invigorate the Party because these elected traitors are having exactly the opposite effect.

  3. Email is very fast. Central Committee can be contacted in a matter of minutes. Same with the Executive Committee. The state party also has telephones. What’s the game plan?

    1. Details of any plan would not be wise to put out on the internet. There is little doubt that certain consultants monitor this site who are connected to some of Boehner’s allies.

      The Central Committee can and does meet by teleconference, but even that requires a period of advance notice under the PoO. To push Boehner, having the Executive Committee on board give more punch, and it is too big to do a teleconference.

      The key is to push Boehner as hard as possible, and be able to inflict as much pain on him as possible if he fails to see reason. I think any settlement would have to include not only restoration of Meadows chairmanship, but also of Walter Jones’ committee slot that Boehner took away for the same reason a couple of years ago.

      Boehner needs to be told that he declared war on NC Republicans when his minion did what he did, and NC Republicans intend to fight back hard if he does not retreat.

      Boehner is fundamentally a coward, which is why he backs down to Obama all the time. Republicans need to play on that character flaw, too.

      One PoO amendment I would like to see at next year’s convention would be to have the state executive committee specifically empowered to endorse candidates for Congressional leadership posts, and any GOP Congressman who voted against that endorsement would lose his seat on the state executive committee (they probably don’t directly care about that, but being stripped of that seat for voting against the state could be used in a primary against them) and such other incentives as could be designed. One, perhaps, would be allowing the party to endorse against them in subsequent primaries.

      There are lots of things that could be done, and I hope our new team is working on a plan. But again, this is not a quickie. If we want it to be successful, it needs to be thought out in detail.

      1. The state executive committee needs a private message board that we can communicate together and allow easy feedback as a group to the state leadership.

        This is part of my point the the executive committee needs to take back its power that it has lost during past chairmans terms

        1. Sounds like you want an inside track to government just like the lobbyists have. I don’t see that as a good thing transparency wise.

          1. Internal workings of political parties are not supposed to be transparent. If they were, the opposing party could counter everything they are doing.

          2. we should be the party of transparency and having a place that the party membership can communicate on a daily basis and not just two normal yearly meeting would help to strengthen this party in my opinion and return this party to the party of the people and not the special interests. you cannot really debate under Roberts Rules of Order so if there was the ability for conversation leading up to the meetings I think the meetings would end up more useful to strengthen the party

            being honest and straight forward I do not understand why the party would need to hide anything from anyone

          3. You have a point but it’s important to remember that ExComm members (except Legislators), unlike lobbyists, are strictly volunteers who serve at the pleasure of their respective County parties.

  4. Regardless of what the Party officially does at some time in the future, why still no statement in support of Meadows from our state chairman? And why no statement supporting him from the rest of our NC delegation? In another day or so, this will be a forgotten issue–which is just what the Obama/Republican Establishment is counting on. I think our state convention was just a charade. Our new state chairman is just a fraudulent wimp.

    1. I agree, Tim. This needs to be addressed today not next year. Not a word from Ellmers, Holding, Fox, or any of the other Rinos regarding this matter is purely pathetic. But, the truth of the matter is Rinos hate conservatives and tollerate Democrats.

  5. Fellow conservatives- Why does the leadership need to do it? Why don’t we? If you wait for the part-time help at the party to do it, it will be too late. Do you really think they are going to fight the Speaker??

    Lets start a real grass roots effort to get a “vote of no confidence” by the public. We need to defend Mr. Meadows and others who are willing to lay it on the line and do what we are asking. That is, unless you like watching good people to get slaughtered by the fat-cats.

    If we don’t support Meadows now it will be hard for any conservative to survive another election. Bohener is about to throw all the money the party has towards Big Government Barbie (Ellmers) and Chaffetz (if he gets a challenger). Meadows and Jones need our support now. If you want to grow the moment, you must take action.

    Start a Facebook page! Someone hold a rally! Someone push back so we can make a difference and stop whining about it. Be the change! Take action! America is watching and so are the next group of conservatives who want to step up and be leaders. If we don’t show some backbone now, we might as well abandon all hope.

    1. And don’t forget to back the other eight members of the NC Republican congressional delegation into a corner and demand that they start voting the will of their constituents, not what the House whip wants, and show some solidarity with Reps. Jones and Meadows.

      1. Happy to see some on Chaffetz Facebook page informing the people of Utah’s 3rd district about this band of misfits.

  6. Please tell me what our recent state convention was all about? Where are our chairman and vice-chairman? Have they gone into hiding? They promised us no more establishment nonsense. It appears nothing has changed.

    1. Yep, it would appear the newly elected chairman and vice chair have been Rinotized in what, 2 weeks? Tricky D. Burr held out longer than that. I think, we are seeing a long and tiring pattern of tea party to Rino in seconds flat.

  7. The truth probably won’t come out for awhile, but it is clear our new state chairman and vice-chairman have been bought off. They have probably been promised big salaries and other perks of office as long as they suck up to the RINO establishment. A sad commentary on NC politics and the lack of integrity by the NC Tea Party. Future party financial statements will be the proof of what they sold out for.

    1. Trying to set expectations too quickly is one way to undermine people. I wonder if you are really working for Stewart or Shumaker trying to undermine our new leadership. Heck, it has only been a couple of weeks since the convention.

      1. Yeah I hear the same rhetoric from my Rino friends regarding Tillis. Give him time. He hasn’t been there long enough. Yet, Thom’s conservative review score is a 40.. Based on his score, Thom has more in common with Bernie Sanders of the( Socialist Party) than Rand Paul, Cruz, or Lee. I think, the removal of the exposure to Rinoitis needs to start from day one. Surely you are aware of all the GOP let downs.

    2. The newly elected chairman was on the Casey O’dea morning show today. I heard no new ideas in strategy and no mention of what to do with the Rinos who do not vote in agreement with the platform. And of course, he never mentioned Mark Meadows. Nor, does he have a plan to win back the base. He did suggest having concerts for teens and minorities.

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