Who’s REALLY ceding power to the Democrats

Oh, just roll THIS around in your head for a minute:tea

[…] Losing a subcommittee chairmanship midway through a congressional session is among the most serious punishments thus far in Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) majority. Boehner and his leadership team have grown frustrated with Republicans who vote against the procedural “rule” motion. Those votes — which allow the Republican leadership to bring a bill up for debate and a vote — typically fall along party lines. But a group of conservatives has voted against the measures, mostly in protest of Boehner’s leadership. Republican leadership sees the move as unacceptable —akin to ceding power to Democrats. […]

OK.  To put this in context — they’re talking here  about Mark Meadows and some other conservatives daring to buck Boehner & co.  on TPP, TPA, TAA and all of that other trade stuff.  meadows point

So, Mark Meadows is a sell-out to the Democrats?  Seriously?  

So, what do you call leadership’s sabotaging of Meadows’s and Ted Cruz’s efforts to defund ObamaCare?  The GOP got its majorities in 2010 and 2014 with the directive to kill ObamaCare and stop Obama.  We had GOP majorities, but the Democrats got what they wanted — the continued existence of ObamaCare. 

How about the amnesty  decree from Big Barry?  We got promised a showdown — via Homeland Security funding — to make Barry back off.  It never happened.  We have GOP majorities.  The Democrats still have their amnesty.  walter-jones-new-2011

Taxes have gone up and spending has exploded since the Tea Party Revolution of 2010.  We put new guys in charge of Capitol Hill, and we get all the stuff the old guys wanted.

Oh, and let’s not forget all of this TPP and TPA and TAA stuff.  These are all secret, hush-hush documents hidden from public view that give the president and select politicians all kinds of new powers in trade negotiations with foreign countries.  It’s pretty clear that most of the Congress had not seen the documents themselves.  Yet, they were being beat on to vote FOR them.  It was quite Kafkaesque to read all of these quotes in the press from Republicans expressing concern about how Big Barry will look on the world stage if that legislation did not pass.

Meadows, Jones, and the rest of their merry band are not betraying Republicans.  They are honoring commitments to the voters back home.  They are standing up for government transparency and limitations.  We need more of these guys in DC.