Voting Guide for Tuesday (part 2)

cruzFor President. I know this one will gin up some discussion.  I WILL go out on a limb and say Kasich AND Rubio are both unacceptable. (It’s interesting that most of our elected Republicans are supporting one of those two.)

If the polling stands up, Trump will edge out Cruz here in North Carolina.  Thanks to changes by the geniuses at the state GOP and at the RNC, those two candidates will split the lion’s share of the state’s delegates.

But which name do you mark on the ballot? Well, as far as I go, I’ve been a Cruz fan since he joined the Senate.  His style reminded me so much of my former boss.  It was nice to cruzonce again have a strong conservative voice in the Senate to stand up and say NO. 

Then, Trump came on the scene.  His rhetoric on immigration – and the b@t$h!t-crazy reaction the left has had to him — has impressed me. Our porous borders are a huge problem for us economically, AND on criminal justice and national security bases. 

I’m going to recommend a vote for Ted Cruz on Tuesday. Cruz has walked the walk and talked the talk a little longer than Mr. Trump. I know, I know.  Politicians “grow in office.”  Even Jesse Helms and Ronald Reagan softened up as time went on.  I’m feeling a little more comfortable about what I’m “buying” with Cruz. 

If Cruz should falter and Trump should end up being the nominee, I’ll be a good soldier for Trump.  It’s hard to argue that he would not be a hell of a lot better than Hillary or Crazy Bernie. 

For US Senate.  It is sad that  state that once set the standard for burrtconservatism in the US Senate — Jesse Helms, Lauch Faircloth, John East — is now saddled with Thom Thilli$$ and Richard Burr.  Burr, like Thilli$$, hangs out with the anti-conservative Ripon Society.  Burr has weak conservatism ratings from Conservative Review and Heritage Action.  He ridiculed efforts to defund ObamaCare.  Right now, he is fighting to give the federal government more power to snoop on our smartphones. He endorsed that judge who threw out the marriage amendment to the state constitution and threw our congressional primaries into their current state of chaos.  And, apparently, he even boasted about his willingness to vote for Bernie Sanders over Ted Cruz.   Trick Dick is unacceptable. 

burrHe had been telling a lot of his friends in Winston about his willingness to retire.  But, apparently, Paul Shumaker’s cash flow was a little down, so Trick Dick is giving us an encore.

Burr has three primary challengers: Paul Wright, who has done little more than pay his filling fee;  Larry Holmquist, who appears to have done little more than hang out on this site and do a few TV interviews, and 2014’s Greg Brannon.

Brannon has his flaws.  He can come off like a constitutional law professor lecturing to you more than a candidate seeking your vote. I don’t know if the appeal of the gregbrannonol’ civil suit from 2014 has been settled positively in his favor.

Regardless, you have to remember that you are not voting for a best friend.  You are voting for someone who will — hopefully — vote the right way in DC.  It’s clear that Burr cannot be counted on for that. It’s also pretty clear that Brannon CAN BE. 

I’m recommending a vote for Greg Brannon on Tuesday.  He is the best of the three alternatives to Burr.  He has the experience, the knowledge, and the skill to effectively take on the Democrats in the general and vote the right way in The Hill’s upper chamber.

It’s an uphill fight for Brannon AND the other two.  But voting for Brannon will pull down Burr’s percentage and send him a message — if he survives the primary — that will hopefully guide him in the general and throughout the next six years. A winning percentage in the primary in the 50s for a two-term incumbent senator will speak loud and clear to the ruling class.