#ncpol: ‘Mama Joyce’ and them “outsiders”


The mother-in-law from Hell is at it again. Fresh off of saving David Lewis’s chestnuts, Joyce Cotten is now on a mission to ”git” state GOP chairman Hasan Harnett. 

At least THAT is what ONE leader of the Alamance County GOP is reporting:


“The lady Chairman of the Second Congressional District” IS Joyce Cotten.  (And, “outsiders”, eh?) 

I love it when I’m proved right.  (It’s not about growing the party and spreading conservatism.  It’s about keeping the clique intact and in power.) 

michele-and-hasan-e1433772184264A lot of this action is likely to go down at the “special” central committee meeting on March 20th.  Many were thinking this meeting was called to lower the boom on executive director Dallas Woodhouse for his attempted coup via email.

I am getting some other information over the transom that ranges from the bizarre to the sublime.   Considering how wacky things have been so far, I — at this point — am not outright dismissing anything. 

One scenario about the 20th has Dallas telling the committee that chairman Harnett was trying to “hack” the state party’s email system.  Another piece of wild-and-wacky spin coming out of that building in Raleigh is that Harnett was leaking information to the Chinese.  (*Huh? Those guys running the buffet down the street?*)  

Another piece of bizarre spin has Harnett and vice-chairman Michele Nix’s email accounts shut down as part of an on-going criminal investigation.  

90Amazing.  We’re constantly told that we need to shut up and come together behind John-McCain-Mitt-Romney-Pat-McCrory-Name-Your-RINO. For “the good of the party”, of course.   And, most of the time, we on the right doit like good soldiers.  But, on the rare occasions when things don’t work out for the GOPe, they pout and go into all out slander warfare mode.

Hasan Harnett and Michele Nix have been in office for NINE MONTHS.  And they’ve spent every second of those nine months evading sniper and artillery fire from their alleged teammates.

The state party appears to be following the same path to decline the national GOP is.

It is beginning to look like time to file for divorce.  Talk about some hellacious unreconciliable differences. 


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  1. Outsiders – people that do not want to use their position to benefit themselves

    Outsiders – people that think it is the parties job to protect the platform over elected officials with R beside their name

    Outsiders – people that think the republican fight for smaller honest goverment should also mean transparency and honesty in all party business

  2. Joyce Cotten, her daughter, Zan Bunn, Helen Paneello, John Steward, are all terrible folks.

    Word is John Steward is chairman of the committee in charge of giving out the at large spots for the national delegates that the state gop can allocate.

    1. Joyce’s daughter is Kim Cotten-West, Chair of the 3rd District GOP. You are correct about Steward chairing the RNC delegate allocation committee.

      1. Reading comprehension, her daughter and Zan Bunn are separate nouns, separated by a comma. As noted her daughter is Kim Cotten-West, married to a stellar member of our society (convicted child molester)

        However, Zan Bunn will be running for committeewoman.

        That’s the straight talk…

        1. Zan Bunn for NCGOP National Committee woman would be a disaster. Zan is the GOP’s Hillary Clinton. Both love power and both will cut your throat to get what they want. God help the NCGOP from this woman!

    2. Yes Mr Straighttalker, can I just call you Straight? , I am a terrible person. I am a fallen human, born into a sinful world. But fortunately, I serve a good and merciful God that saw fit to send his Son to die for my sins and redeem this terrible man and make me a new creature.
      I truly appreciate your concern for my state of being, it means a lot to me Straight, truly it does.
      Now Straight, onto your other concern. There is a 16 person committee created by the Executive Committee, made up of individuals from all 13 districts as well as 3 At Large members appointed by Chairman Harnett. Chairman Harnett appointed me as an At Large member as well as appointed me to be the Chairman. This was in step with Chairman Harnett’s campaign to bring transparency to the Party. In the past, the Chairman andthe staff would create the At Large list and it would be distributed at the State Convention without anyone seeing. This committee was created to open the process up, allow ANYONE interested to fill out an application and give a wide variety of people input into who is selected. The goal is to make sure the At Large Delegates come from across the state, and are representative of the entire Party and is inclusive. We will strive to get a mix of grassroots workers, as well as donors and elected officials, as well as making sure they represent the results of the Presidential Primary results which is still proportional, and the slate will be published before the convention. I would encourage you and anyone else interested in attending the RNC as a delegate or an alternate to fill out the online application, as you can see by the questions, we want to make sure we get a wide variety of delegates. http://ncgopconvention.com/2016-republican-national-convention/

  3. What a shame. Side note, I wonder why it is that all of the extra delegates that NC was allotted (from 55 or so last time, now we have 72 for this national convention) were not dispersed among the districts and then those left over gone to the state slate. The state slate was always supposed to be more of a leftover thing to equal out proportionality. They took all of those extra delegates for the state slate, gave none to the districts…

    1. This is why the general/business session fee issue is so important. By raising the fee to $90 almost double the $50 early bird rate or last year this is a attempt to keep the grassroots from attending the convention and voting on the Chairman’s list

      In this case the Chairman has done the RIGHT thing and made a $45 early bird ticket for the general/business session and returned the regular price of the general/business session to the last 2 years full price of $75

      This current fight inside the party is just one of many battles. Some are dismissing all of this fighting and others calling this childish but I see it as a important stand on republican principles for honesty and transparency in how the state party does business. But is seems like a majority of the central committee do not seem to believe in these values. They seem to value their agenda over the will of those in NC active in the party. What ever lists wins or looses the state parties job is to run a convention that they can get MAX participation from the delegates. The state parties job is not pick winners and losers or to have any effect on this process but running a fair and trustworthy convention

      1. Don’t forget the fact that they also want to install their establishment hacks in the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman slots that also come up at this convention.

    2. There isn’t a mechanism to disperse more delegates to the districts directly. The Plan of Organization states that there will be 3 delegates and alternates elected at the district conventions and the remaining elected at the state convention. The number of delegates fluctuate each presidential election cycle because of the formula used to allocate delegates. We have a base number based on how many congressional districts we have (which is why it is safe to say 3 will come from the districts). Then, there are delegates allocated if the state has a Republican Gov, if the state voted for the GOP nominee in the last presidential election, if the GOP controls the General Assembly, for each Republican US Senator, etc. See above statement for a more detailed look at how the at large delegates will be selected.

  4. Myself(Thommy) is and will be in full effect at the polls screwing the RINOS as they have done to me the past 7 years. Let them give a ballot card to an unsuspecting voter, I will be right behind them educating my district on who is real and fake. I have already seen several with votes” for” the bond, votes for Steve Troxler, and many establishment RINOS. Several Nash county commissioners are handing this garbage out via email.

  5. So what is the strategy for supporting our legitimately elected and highly regarded grassroots Chairman? Is it funding he needs to be able to claim? How do we send funds earmarked to help him? Is it showing up in numbers at the state convention? Writing letters to editors? Phone calls? Emails? All of the above?

    How can we hope to overcome the corruption in Washington DC if we can’t even muster support for our great state? Let’s show the corrupt influences, whoever they are, whatever they may innocently do (giving them the benefit of the doubt) instead of helping our state they are instead moving us toward the way things are done in Chicago, hometown of the ultimate corrupt political machine 0bama.

  6. Joyce you think too much of yourself. Give up the ghost take your inflated ego and leave the NCGOP before you are thrown out. That can’t happen soon enough! You are one of the reasons the NCGOP is in the bad shape it’s in.

  7. Where do you stand? Get as few as you can to the convention at $90.00 per delegate OR get as many as you can to the convention at $45.00? Look at what Dallas has done to the NC GOP, he chooses to only allow the rich ONLY to come, everyone else is to be stopped. Hasan Harnett? has visited more local meetings, gone to help more candidates, driven from one side to the other side of NC. He has been stopped from doing things by the Central Committee and Dallas. Can you come to support our Hasan Harnett NC GOP State Chairman? and Michele Nix, NCGOP Vice-Chairman? by coming to the called Central Committee meeting on March 20th?

  8. Does anyone close to Governor McCrory have enough political savvy to direct these people to stand down? Turmoil in the party during an election campaign is not beneficial to his reelection. His best bet would be to find some state jobs to give to Woodhouse, Cotten, Bunn, and a few others to get them off the playing field. The worst part for the governor is that the actions of these people will be interpreted by some as actions he at least condones, whether his hand is really in the specific acts or not. A smart move by the governor would be to ask if there is some way that the registration fees could be made more reasonable.

  9. Perhaps someone out there can shed some light on this please. With the new congressional re-mapping, it looks to me like Ms. Cotton’s District 2 is changing in to some territory she is not well known in. What are the chances she could lose her District 2 Chair status?

    1. as of now all party business will operate under the old maps until district conventions in 2017

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