#ncga: Voting Guide for Tuesday (part 3)

In this installment, we’re going to talk about the General Assembly.  Yes, that cesspool on Jones Street in Raleigh.  Corruption is just as rampant as it was under the other guys who ran it for 140 years. We’ve got some cleaning up to do.  And it all starts TUESDAY. 

Here are the endorsements for North Carolina House offered by the North Carolina Conservatives PAC.  I wholeheartedly encourage you — if you see any of these names on your ballot — to vote for these people. 

There are some other races, which they don’t cover, that I feel need some special attention.

House District 53. First, over in Harnett County, former school board chairman Chuck clevLevorse is taking on state Rep. David Lewis.  Lewis is one of the three most influential members of the House majority.  He was the only Republican in the House to vote FOR ObamaCare.  He’s had TWO pay-to-play complaints filed against him by members of his own party.  He watered down the voter ID bill.  AND he orchestrated some sneakiness that siphoned a hell of a lot of sales tax revenue from other counties to HIS home county of Harnett. David Lewis has got to go.  In order to make that happen, you need to get out and give Chuck Levorse your vote.  

House District 52.  There’s no disputing that Jamie Boles is a nice guy.  He has deep roots in Moore County, and his funeral home business has done a lot of good for a lot of people.  But, he’s failed at his number one job as a legislator: actually representing his people. 

12687910_1683563985234211_3838857161340043227_nHe’s clearly enjoyed the social life in Raleigh.  He got a nice committee chairmanship, and became a close lieutenant to then-speaker Thom Tillis.  He’s been afforded an opportunity to go on nice junkets — like to Turkey, for instance.

I’m glad he’s enjoyed Raleigh.  But what about us?  He’s pushed through a pork project at Samarkand that NOBODY wanted, and will likely result in an additional $1M payout from county taxpayers.  He had time to introduce several bills that directly benefit the funeral home business — which is his livelihood outside of Raleigh.

But, while David Lewis was siphoning our sales tax revenue over to his home folks, Jamie was either (a) oblivious or (b) powerless to stop him, or (c) in on it.   None of those options are good for us.  

Thanks to Lewis’s sneakiness and Jamie Boles being asleep at the wheel, we’re facing a local sales tax increase on Tuesday’s ballot.   

John Zumwalt has burned through a lot of shoe leather campaigning for this seat.  The Army veteran doesn’t strike me as someone who will stop swinging or allow someone like David Lewis to pull something over on him or run over him.  

Boles has had eight years.  We need someone who will actually represent us in the capital city.  So, we’re recommending a vote for John Zumwalt on Tuesday. 

Now, on to the state Senate.

Senate district 36.  The great bearded RINO is finally vacating this Cabarrus County-centered seat just STEPS ahead of a prosecutor.  

Moffittpic1There is a crowd seeking to replace him.  We earlier praised Paul Newton for his opposition to solar subsidies and the renewable energy portfolio.  But his support for Common Core and corporate welfare are quite troubling for us.  Also, he’s backed by the evil NC Chamber and Cabarrus Jobs Now — an an economic development group hijacked by statists, crony capitalists, Paul Shumaker and Roger Knight.  CJN has been supporting RINOs like Hartsell and stomping on good conservatives like Larry Pittman.  If you’re a conservative voter, stay away from ANY candidate endorsed by Cabarrus Jobs Now. 

In this race, we’re recommending military veteran Parish Moffit. He’s got solid Tea Party support and a strong conservative platform.  (While you’re at it, Cabarrus County, show some love to Nathan Stone in his NC House campaign to unseat Common Core-lover and CJN stooge Linda Johnson.  She HAS to GO.) 

Senate District 48. This is a fight to replace the retiring Tom Apodaca.  The GOPe, the NC Chamber, and the rest of the horde are backing Common Core friend, amnesty friend, and ObamaCare friend Chuck Edwards.  635508765997593142-Lisa-Baldwin

We’re recommending Lisa Baldwin in this one.  She slugged it out with the bureaucrats and the rest of the big government mob while on the Buncombe County school board.  The governing class got together and ran her off in the last round of elections.  But she has the fire, and the conservative temperament, to carry the conservative flame and REPRESENT in Raleigh.