US Senate hopeful Sandy Smith neglects to mention the REAL family business


She made a move  toward running for the Third Congressional District seat, but bailed on that plan at the last minute.  Now, Sandy Smith of Winterville, North Carolina is presenting herself as a GOP candidate for US Senate — joining a field likely to include Raleigh businessman Garland Tucker and incumbent Thom Tillis.


Here is how Sandy presents herself on her campaign website’s bio page:


That’s all?  Just a simple farmer’s wife, eh?  Well, a little research reveals that there’s more to the story.


Sandy’s husband William is the registered agent for a Greenville-based business called Green Power of North Carolina.




The firm installs solar panels and other solar systems across several states.


(FYI –  In March,  “Sandy Smith for Congress” was incorporated at the SAME ADDRESS as Green Power NC.)


This begs the question — WHY hide this information?


So, the Smith family benefits financially from an industry totally dependent on government subsidies and mandates to stay afloat.   That certainly does not mesh well with the conservative rhetoric she is firing off on the campaign trail.


Is the information being hidden because they know the whole renewable energy game is quite unpopular in eastern North Carolina and among Republican primary voters?


This all also begs the question:  IS Sandy Smith the “Mark Harris” of 2020?   (Harris, as many of you know, split the conservative vote in 2014 allowing Tillis to escape from the primary. He got in the race after being encouraged by Robin Hayes and other Tillis pals.)


The solar goons LOVE Thom Tillis.  He was partially responsible for the solar mandates in North Carolina that keep them fat and happy.  You’d think they’d do anything to protect him and keep him in power.


3 thoughts on “US Senate hopeful Sandy Smith neglects to mention the REAL family business

  1. This information is easily found, as I did when Sandy first came on to the scene at the beginning of our District 3 Congressional Race. It’s always curious to me when individuals with no political or party history file for office, be they a Doctor or “Farmer’s wife”. Remember the 4 tenants of better government: recruit winning candidates, vet them, work hard to elect them and then hold their feet to the fire to keep their campaign promises and make the electorate proud. Dan Forest and Donald Trump are anomalies for which I am thankful, and have set a very high standard for other amateurs.

  2. Contrary to the popular story line, Mark Harris did not run in 2014 to stop Greg Brannon and help Tillis. I met him in Raleigh in June of 2013 when he came to speak at an event there. He told me then that he was prayerfully considering running for the US Senate. I never heard of Greg Brannon until several months later, in 2014, and was never impressed by him as I was by Mark Harris. It may be that the support Mark got from Robin Hayes was a ruse and that the Tillis campaign used Mark to stop Greg. At least, that is my suspicion. But Mark ran to win, not to help Tillis, although that may have been the ultimate result.

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