The left WILL NOT let Ferguson go.

Demonstrators stand in the middle of West Florissant as they react to tear gas fired by police during ongoing protests in reaction to the shooting of Brown, in Ferguson”You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” —  Rahm Emanuel, current Chicago mayor, former Clinton and Obama senior adviser. 

The crowd that claims to be the champions of peace sure does get jonesed over violence in the streets (or the threat thereof). Leftists and their allies in the drive-by media have seized on a local crime story in suburban St. Louis and whipped up a violent frenzy.  The lies and inflammatory rhetoric have ruined a young police officer’s life and literally destroyed a good chunk of the economy in Ferguson, Missouri.

The leftists and the media claim this is all about righting some alleged major injustice in this small Missouri town.  Yet, we’ve had riots spring up across the country.  Some of these so-called Ferguson protesters across the country spent more time screaming about old lefty standards like the minimum wage and increased race and gender quotas than the well-being of people in that Missouri town.

These people are taking the advice that Rahm — and Saul Alinsky — trumpeted.  They are taking advantage of an opportunity – the circus in Ferguson – to promote their radical agenda and perpetrate their extreme tactics.

According to the left — and their allies in Hollywood and in the drive-by media — conservatives are the pro-violence crowd.  Yet, you don’t get riots in Pinehurst, Taylorsville, Blowing Rock, or Cary.  Most folks recognize that we have a tool in place for dealing with situations we don’t like — the ballot box.  Our country has an amazing record of peaceful transfer of political power.  There aren’t many other nations across the globe that can1m3m7N.AuHeEm.156 come close to matching our streak.

This week, we had this Martian on the Wake County school board suggesting that Ferguson’s violence should be a good lesson for Wake County Schools.  (*We want to spend more money and increase authoritarian control.  If you taxpayers dare to object, we might — hint, hint — unleash the rioters.  Just’ sayin’… * )

The media has played along with the game plan.  They had a countdown to the grand jury announcement.  You had drive-by talking heads asking why Michael Brown did not have representation in the grand jury room.  I heard one dingbat drive-by talking head ask a cop on a show today: “Can’t you just disable people, instead of killing them?”

The leftist web site Slate posted a piece entitled: “Why the Fires in Ferguson Won’t End Soon: The tensions have been building for a long time, and even justice for Michael Brown won’t change that.”   *So – it’s NOT about justice for “the gentle giant”?  But — but — but …*

The leftist New Yorker magazine also tips the left’s hand on the Ferguson messfinger

In the eight days since Michael Brown, an eighteen-year-old, was killed by a police officer named Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, what began as an impromptu vigil evolved into a sustained protest; it is now beginning to look like a movement. The local QuikTrip, a gas station and convenience store that was looted and burned on the second night of the protests, has now been repurposed as the epicenter for gatherings and the exchange of information. The front of the lot bears an improvised graffiti sign identifying the area as the “QT People’s Park.” With the exception of a few stretches, such as Thursday afternoon, when it was veiled in clouds of tear gas, protesters have been a constant presence in the lot. On Sunday afternoon the area was populated by members of local churches, black fraternity and sorority groups, Amnesty International, the Outcast Motorcycle Club, and twenty or so white supporters from the surrounding area. On the north side of the station, a group of volunteers with a mobile grill served free hot dogs and water, and a man stood on a crate, handing out bright yellow T-shirts with the logo of the National Action Network, the group led by Al Sharpton.[…]

People’s Park.  A group led by MSNBC talk show host (and tax cheat) and loud-mouthed lunatic Al Sharpton.   Amnesty International.  A group described as “the oldest all-black outlaw motorcycle club […] forged from the social revolution of the Sixties.”   That’s an all-star gathering of the radical left.  Not exactly a grassroots protest.

This is par for the course for the radical left.  Internationally, this is how they roll.  They talk peace aland justice, but wield the tool of violence — or the threat of — to,um, “persuade” the masses to back off and go along.  The end result of their social engineering is decay of the economy and quality of life in the jurisdiction under their stranglehold.  They can’t stay in power based on their, um, accomplishments.  So, efforts are launched to keep the masses dependent and angry (at someone else).

Average folks in the center and the right try to change things within the law — via the ballot box.  If leftists don’t get their way, they shove their demands down everyone else’s throats — via judicial or bureaucratic tyranny or violence or the threat thereof. 

This isn’t an equivalent to the 2009-2010 Tea Party movement.  This is the radical left poking and prodding and flexing its muscle.  Ferguson will be used as a vehicle for heightened government control of things in that jurisdiction.  More money being spent.  More bureaucratic control.  Mission accomplished. 

Make no mistake about it. This has been a dry run for what the left would like to do nationwide.  Will we be intimidated and allow these people to keep doing this?