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‘Chickens are coming home to roost’ — for the race pimps!

“America’s chickens are coming home to roost!”  –– Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor and spiritual adviser to Barry Sotoero Obama.   Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and William “The Round Rev” Barber have all made a name for themselves by getting in the media and claiming that…

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N&O, other drive-bys trying to turn Sanford into Ferguson

NC SBI to investigate police shooting in Sanford. That’s what the headline screams in the N&O this morning.  Though, nowhere in the story does it mention that an SBI probe is a standard procedure for every officer involved shooting in North Carolina.  As is paid administrative…

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Playing to the mob in the street: ‘Indicting’ an entire profession

I was floored to see that North Carolinians actually voted to make their right to a jury trial optional. Now, the constant drumbeat of drive-by generated negative publicity about a couple of officer-involved shootings actually has Americans seriously rethinking the rest of the criminal justice process….

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The left WILL NOT let Ferguson go.

”You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” —  Rahm Emanuel, current Chicago mayor, former Clinton and Obama senior adviser.  The crowd that…

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What did that Panera Bread do to Michael Brown?

Congrats, drive-bys.  You demagogued a local crime story for months and months.  You did all you could to inflame emotions.  You did a countdown to a grand jury verdict. (Get those molotov cocktails ready …)  And you succeeded in further tearing apart a community.  Job…

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Is there even a thimble-full of decency or shame left in the drive-by media?

We usually try to keep our focus on events related to The Carolinas, but the circus in Ferguson, Missouri has us stepping out from those parameters. I am a repentant, recovering former member of the drive-by media.  Observing the drive-by coverage of Ferguson, it makes…

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Drive-bys living up to their name in Missouri

We’ve all seen this movie before.  Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman in Florida.  Rodney King in Los Angeles.  An isolated incident is amplified in the media — before any judicial proceedings gets started — to ensure that tensions are whipped up in the public and the…