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Getting to know the GOP candidates for Insurance Commissioner

      Anyone looking to learn more about the GOP candidates in the state Insurance Commissioner runoff on July 17 should click on THIS LINK.    Somebody has done an excellent job of putting together a primer on former Moore County legislator and current Insurance…

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Guilt By Association? (Stones in glass houses, anyone?)

          I need ol’ Richard to clarify something for us. On his Facebook page,  Richard Morgan instructs visitors  to “stop our go along with Obama insurance commissioner.” O-kay.  Richard — you formed an alliance with Jim Black  (who went to federal…

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Has Richard been hacked?

              I had to do a double-take after reading this quote posted on Insurance Commissioner candidate Richard Morgan’s  Facebook page: Richard T. Morgan Yesterday near Raleigh, NC via mobile Another day – so let’s get going and approach it that before the day…

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Party disloyalty, weight loss & the choice in the July GOP runoff

It appears Republicans will have to choose between Mike Causey and Richard Morgan in the July GOP runoff for state insurance commissioner.  Some  people view this race as an afterthought, but it actually is one of the more important seats on the council of state….

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The GOP establishment and primaries

The GOP ruling class had NO qualms about sticking their noses into Republican primaries at the local, legislative, and congressional levels this year .    However, we had ONE primary — Insurance commissioner, involving a Republican candidate KICKED out of the party — that didn’t see…

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Primary foe a boon for Mike Causey?

Running for down-ballot council of state races is often a popularity contest based on name ID — a lot like student council races from our school days. Mike Causey,  Republican candidate for NC state Insurance Commissioner, is part of the crowd of candidates fighting for…

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Richard Morgan wants to be your “friend”

Recently-deflated former state legislator Richard Morgan is spreading the word about his latest political escapade via Facebook.  (He can’t use his long-time web site address. It’s been taken over by a Morgan foe.) He’s cut a commercial touting his 2012 campaign for state Insurance Commissioner,…

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Fun with The Internet

  Former state Rep. Richard Morgan’s long-time web site address ( now redirects to a site filled with anti-Morgan information and propaganda. Even curioser — if you type in or you get re-directed to BarryO’s reelection campaign web site.

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Campaign 2012: Richard Morgan, those photo shoots, “the picture girl” and those not-so-subtle threats

“He’s a mental case. He does things no sane person would do.”  — Former State Rep. Frank Mitchell (R-Iredell) , in 2006, on fellow Republican legislator Richard Morgan       Raleigh insiders tell me they saw signs early on that Richard Morgan had plans…

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Oh, hell. Richard’s back. (AGAIN)

    SpeakerrrrrRichardMorgan™ is starting to remind me of Jason Voorhees, the deranged killer in all of those really bad Friday The 13th movies. The heroes in those movies are terrorized by Jason, but they fight really hard to kill him off.  They think he’s…