Campaign 2012: Richard Morgan, those photo shoots, “the picture girl” and those not-so-subtle threats

“He’s a mental case. He does things no sane person would do.” 

— Former State Rep. Frank Mitchell (R-Iredell) , in 2006, on fellow Republican legislator Richard Morgan




Raleigh insiders tell me they saw signs early on that Richard Morgan had plans to jump back on the campaign trail in 2012.  For months, prior to his filing for state insurance commissioner, Morgan was reportedly seen running around Raleigh with a professional photographer in tow.  One well-placed source quipped:

“It was really kind of comical.  Richard was posing for photo shoots in front of just about EVERY landmark in town. He looked like he thought he was a fashion model — auditioning to be the next Vogue cover girl.”

If you liked that one, wait until you hear the story about “the picture girl.”  Apparently, according to my inside source, Morgan had  a legislative aide reportedly with one — ahem — unusual duty in her job description:

“He had this young woman working for him. Whenever he went out to lunch to meet with lobbyists or whoever, this girl had to get to the restaurant early and hang a framed color picture of Richard on the wall behind and above Richard’s chair.  When you walked up on the table, you saw Morgan sitting there with that picture of himself hanging above him on the wall.”

Another legislative insider told me about special “orientation” sessions Morgan reportedly offered to newly elected Republican legislators during his tenures as Republican leader, co-speaker, and speaker pro tempore:

“Morgan would summon these rookies to his office.  He would wave a file folder stuffed with papers at them, and he would say,‘ I have a file on you.  If you play ball with me, I can make this folder go away.  If you talk bad about me, or if you cause problems for me, I will use the contents of this folder to f–k you up.  I will destroy you’ .”