The GOP establishment and primaries

The GOP ruling class had NO qualms about sticking their noses into Republican primaries at the local, legislative, and congressional levels this year .    However, we had ONE primary — Insurance commissioner, involving a Republican candidate KICKED out of the party — that didn’t see to warrant a moment of their attention.

Former legislator Richard Morgan  was booted off of the state GOP Executive Committee for disloyalty in 2006.  Republicans won a narrow state House majority in the 2004 campaign.   Morgan worked to cut a power-sharing deal with Democrats that thwarted the will of the state’s voters.  He and five friends voted for Speaker Jim Black.  Morgan and his cronies got titles and nice office space.  He and his cronies worked with Black & co. to thwart GOP initiatives on the House floor and punish GOP “troublemakers.”

I guess Robin Hayes and the boys — now that the smoke has cleared — are admitting that Morgan’s behavior is A-OK.  Is NCGOP HQ A-OKAY with Richard Morgan sitting on the Council of State under the aegis of the NCGOP?

It looks like Morgan will have to get past Republican Mike Causey in a runoff for insurance commissioner.  If he escapes that, voters will also have the option of Democrat incumbent Wayne Goodwin in November.