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Erasing history. “Cleaning up” America?

  The Chinese communists, when they took power,  waged a significant effort to wipe out any and every facet of Chinese culture that offended The Party.  ISIS does it in The Middle East, as do many hardline Muslim regimes.     European communists and fascists…

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The ‘Cultural Revolution’ comes calling in Carolina

The Chi-Coms orchestrated a massive purge in the early-to-mid 20th century to eradicate any all all capitalist, bourgeoisie, and / or “traditionalist” elements from Chinese culture.  American leftists are trying it here with attacks on Confederate monuments and our nation’s Founding Fathers.  In North Carolina,…

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(Wait for it. WAAAAAAAAIT FOR IT.) “Um, discrimi-racism !!!”

The meek, bashful soft-spoken Ann Coulter has a great piece out on how leftists LOVE to use blacks as “props” in their performance theater aimed at defending and expanding their agenda. *Voter ID is not about securing the integrity of our elections process.  It’s RAAAAAAAACISM….

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Ferguson-ing the Chapel Hill shooting

The recent murder of three students in Chapel Hill handed the drive-bys exactly what they were looking for.  Ammo for whipping up hysteria over ‘racism.’  They tried with George Zimmerman and Treyvon Martin.  They tried with the incident in Ferguson, and the one in Staten…

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Quoth the race pimps: Got a pointy-head? A pointy hat? You’re RACIST.

The Round Rev and his sidekick, former NC NAACP president and current Rocky Mount city councilman Andre Knight, are targeting the latest threat to the American fabric: high school girls in Nash County:  The Rocky Mount Branch of the NAACP has scheduled a Town Hall…

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The “art” of manufacturing racism

When Barry Obama was elected in 2008, we were told the beginning of the Post-Racial era was here.  But since that time, it seems like race is being thrown in your face at every turn. What seems like a very reasonable reform — requiring you…

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Rocky Mount “racism” update

We told you the other day about the outrageous behavior of the Rocky Mount City Council.  Well, the good folks at Civitas have offered up the details that led to Mr. Daughtridge addressing the council and subsequently being slandered: […] In the meeting, which took…

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RacismRacismRacismRacismRacism and, oh yeah, I almost forgot — RACISM !!!!!!!!!

    SNL’s “Church Lady” had a habit of finding Satan’s hand in EVERYTHING.   The 18th century writer Samuel Johnson described patriotism as “the last refuge of a scoundrel.” I believe you could update and modernize Johnson’s quote by replacing the word “patriotism” with…

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WTVD story sparks Democrat family feud on eve of runoff

WTVD NewsChannel11 has come out with an election eve bombshell suggesting that former Labor Secretary John Brooks — trying to retake his old seat — and the late senator, governor and liberal icon Terry Sanford are racists.   Brooks and Marlowe Foster — who is…

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shedding some light on cops & hoodies

The hubbub over this shooting case in Florida has created some new spin about black men being unfairly targeted because they are wearing hooded sweatshirts (AKA “hoodies.”) A friend of mine who works as a narcotics detective — and also happens to be black —…