RacismRacismRacismRacismRacism and, oh yeah, I almost forgot — RACISM !!!!!!!!!




SNL’s “Church Lady” had a habit of finding Satan’s hand in EVERYTHING.   The 18th century writer Samuel Johnson described patriotism as “the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

I believe you could update and modernize Johnson’s quote by replacing the word “patriotism” with the word “racism.”   Modern-day lefties play the race card any time the facts are not on their side.  Lately, it seems lefties and their comrades in the mainstream media are finding “RACISM” in just about everything.

Gary Pearce — former N&O scribbler from the pre-McClatchy era, former mouthpiece for Jim Hunt, and Carter Wrenn’s best  friend — sees racism in the investigation and arrests for the Boston bombings:

Once again jubilant Americans take to the streets to celebrate the end of a terrorist. Crowds cheer police officers and military personnel. Fans at ball games chant “USA, USA!”
Last time it was a diabolical international terror mastermind hiding in an expansive compound right under the noses of the Pakistani military. This time it was a pot-smoking teenager hiding in a boat right under the noses of a suburban family.
Once again, there’s a Russian connection. Last time it was the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan. This time it was Putin’s brutal crackdown on Chechnya. This time we even got a tipoff from the Russians. Once again, it disappeared into the federal security bureaucracy.
Last time we learned out how to make it harder for a terrorist to blow up a plane – and harder for all of us to get on a plane. This time we learn – what? If you see something, say something? See what? Dark-skinned young men carrying backpacks in college towns?
Never mind that neither of the losers accused of the bombing were dark-skinned.
The North Carolina Democrat Party sees racism in the legislation pending in the NC General Assembly to require voters to show ID before voting.  So does the NC NAACP and its president, “Two Tons of Fun.”
 (The Round Rev also sees racism in neighborhood-based school assignments.  Yep. MLK had a dream — for white and black kids to spend hours a day on school buses getting shipped miles and miles away from their homes.)  
Barber can sneeze and get press coverage, but when folks like THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS testify about what they’ve seen during elections in our state — the mainstream media gets all Sgt. Schultz on us. 
Lefties have even taken to the pages of their main propaganda organ to claim state legislation requiring ex-felons to wait FIVE YEARS before they can vote is RACIST.   * oooh.  oooh.  Can I call the nice lefties ‘racist’ for insinuating that the term ‘ex-felons’ is synonomous with ‘black people’?*
We’ve recently learned that — upon Boston police releasing the crime scene video — scores of people recognized the two brothers accused of committing the marathon bombing.  Several of them have publicly said — via the MSM — that they did not go to the cops right away because they were afraid of unfairly targeting young Muslim men.
The Democrats claim to be the party of equality and civil rights.  Why is it the lefties are always the ones injecting race (and gender) into EVERYTHING?  The best way to humble someone and shut them up these days is to call them a racist.  (Kind of like calling someone a communist in the 1950s. )  This political correctness and fixation with race is damaging our society and — lately, with the war on terror — putting our national security at risk.