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Raleigh’s ‘red light district’ apparently runs through Jones Street

I’m not talking about traffic lights.  Think AMSTERDAM. What roared into Raleigh as a ‘conservative revolution’ is starting to look more and more like a fire sale at a brothel. There’s clearly no serious agenda for the GOP majority on Jones Street. Relieving taxpayers of…

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Meet Zander, your — um — “New” ABC “Guy”

The state ABC board — an entity that should have been dissolved YESTERDAY  (Why is the state in the alcohol sales business?)  — is getting a familiar faces as its new top dog.   Long-time Surf City mayor Zander Guy — no relation to our…

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What the fight is really all about …

An awful lot of people are mistakenly under the impression that the great fight to save our country, our society, our culture is Republican v. Democrat. Actually, it’s liberal v. conservative.  Freedom v. statism. There are an awful lot of people in each of our…

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#ncga: Do legislators honestly believe their job is to make us all happy and successful?

Here is NC House majority leader John Bell: No, not really.  Life is not always fair.  Some people make it big in college football or basketball, the NBA, and the NFL. Many do not.  Some people go off to college, graduate, and then make millions….

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The NCGOP’s big county problem

The N&O slipped up and actually did some decent reporting:  While Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper is expected to clash with the Republican-controlled General Assembly over the next several months, he has two other political challenges: Most of the state is Pat McCrory territory, geographically speaking….

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Never mind the hordes of leftists rioting in our cities. (Let’s talk about the 50 Klansmen up in the mountains.)

From Seattle to San Francisco to Chicago to Cleveland to Charlotte, we have hordes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supporters destroying public and private property, assaulting people, and causing all kinds of mayhem.  Cops are being injured.  States of emergency are being declared.  Other…

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American politics: A stinking cesspool where rules and laws are meant for the little, less-connected people

My thoughts about the FBI director’s press conference on Hillary’s email server?  He looked like a guy who was told to go out there and do what he’s told if he knows what’s good for him. If you listened to him carefully, and read between…

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#ncga [Something up in the House today?]

As you know, we — like Paul Tine — are members of the House Republican Caucus (without ever having been elected to the House as Republicans, of course).  We got this interesting missive in our email this morning: Is there something interesting — like a…

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More Martian moaning about “white privilege”

We first told you about this guy — representing Orange County in the General Assembly.  He feel guilty about being white. And it’s earned him ridicule from a national audience that included Rush Limbaugh. Now, we’ve got another one who has raised his head up…

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Take Two ! (Let’s try this thing, again … )

Well, we thought we were home for good last time.  But, complications from my recent surgery sent me back into the hospital for a little more work.  Everyone involved seems to think we have fixed the outstanding issues — for now. Let’s look a little…