Did “serious concerns” and an impending state review of finances hasten shuttering of Robinson business?

After reviewing documents obtained from the NC Department of Health and Human Services, one might just come to the conclusion THEY DID.

We’ve reported for the last year on the saga that IS Greensboro-based Balanced Nutrition — a contractor for the NC Department of Health & Human Services which reimburses day care centers across the state that feed lunch to low-income attendees.

Our site has already reported on plans by Yolanda Hill – wife of Lt. Governor Mark Robinson and the CFO of Balanced Nutrition – to end the company’s operations at the end of April.   In fact, we have a copy of the email sent by Hill to some clients of Balanced Nutrition:

So, she’s shuttering the business due to being so busy helping her husband campaign for governor?  THAT is a different story from what she told NC DHHS officials on the very SAME DAY the above email went out to Balanced Nutrition clients:

“Serious Concerns,” eh?  What might those be?  All of Balanced Nutrition‘s revenue is tax money — in other words, OURS.   Also, the husband of this firm’s CFO wants to be governor of North Carolina.  Don’t we deserve details on those “serious concerns”?  And to be told which of the above stories about the firm’s pending closure is actually TRUE?

Adding to the story is a letter from a NC DHHS official, dated March 1, indicating that an intensive, comprehensive review of Balanced Nutrition‘s finances is slated to be performed from April 15 to April 19.