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Bannon IS right. Politics IS war. (Stop bringing knives to a gunfight.)

Steve Bannon has a point. In 2012, Democrats in North Carolina didn’t sit around and study their belly buttons philosophically.  They cranked up their BluePrintNC smear machine and went after the new GOP regime in Raleigh mercilessly.  You had their driveby media hacks pounding from…

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#ncga: Tillman says make NC DPI top job appointed

Democrat June Atkinson has been elected multiple times to administer the state of North Carolina’s public education policy. State senator Jerry Tillman(R) — a former educator and currently that chamber’s majority whip — says he will be filing legislation this session to transform Atkinson’s job from an elected…

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#NCGA: MORE money for public education? Try being smarter with what you’ve got.

Just try to implement some kind of frugality in public education budgets.  You’ll get all kinds of teeth-gnashing, wailing and crying about starving tha lil’ chil’ren.  The Round Rev and his Moral Monday rabble have hollered about the alleged starvation and destruction of the public…

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JuneA @ NC DPI: Poorly-performing students repeating a grade ‘a 20th-century artifact’

I am starting to believe that the plastic surgeons have stretched June Atkinson’s face so tight that it is putting pressure on her brain and degrading her motor skills. The godmother of the K-12 public education bureaucracy here in North Carolina has teamed up with…

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Educrats say the darndest things ….

        When you’ve spent 40 years inside the state bureaucracy, it’s understandable that your world-view might be a little disjointed. DPI secretary June Atkinson never ceases to amaze — EVERY time she opens her mouth:  Myrtle Grove Christian School, which recently adopted a…

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Teacher turnover totals TRICKERY

It appears something sneaky may be going on at NC DPI and the state board of education with this teacher turnover report. The sycophant mainstream media in our state has lapped this up and regurgitated it to us — without doing ANY kind of digging…

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See June Spin. Spin, June, Spin.

Well, it appears that public education is back in the news. The North Carolina Bankers Association — of all groups — has endorsed the Common Core curriculum for the state’s public schools.   Dr. June Atkinson and her crew at NC DPI have disseminated talking…

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SPECIAL DELIVERY: June needed paper. Dan gave her some paper.

  Well, that didn’t take long. Lt Gov. Dan Forest sent DPI Secretary June Atkinson roughly 20 pages worth of questions about the controversial Common Core curriculum.    Did Lt. Dan get his answers? Not exactly.  Atkinson’s team at DPI responded by telling Forest’s office that…

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DPI’s Atkinson: teacher pay turning teachers off to NC. (Your beloved common core isn’t helping much.)

June Atkinson (D), our state’s superintendent of public instruction, is turning to that old saw that proves to be a winner for politicians again and again:  Teachers need to be paid more. Let’s see.  A Democrat-controlled legislature paid no attention to her on this subject….

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NC SPIN props up our mummified state schools superintendent

      Today’s episode of NC Spin needs to appear on DPI superintendent June Atkinson’s campaign report as an in-kind contribution.  The show that bills itself as “Balanced Debate For The Old North State”  gave the incumbent DPI boss — who DOES have an…