SPECIAL DELIVERY: June needed paper. Dan gave her some paper.



Well, that didn’t take long.

Lt Gov. Dan Forest sent DPI Secretary June Atkinson roughly 20 pages worth of questions about the controversial Common Core curriculum.    Did Lt. Dan get his answers?

Not exactly.  Atkinson’s team at DPI responded by telling Forest’s office that they would need him to supply 10,000 pieces of paper to respond to his questions.  (It’s astounding that a state agency with a $7.5 BILLION annual budget would need to bum some paper. ) 

Well, Lt. Dan — being the Southern gentleman that he is — came to the rescue of Miss June. He sent over exactly 10,000 sheets of paper so the good folks in Atkinson’s office could get to work on his questions.

Of course,  the steno pool at McClatchy showed some concern about this:

Forest is a member of the State Board of Education. No word on how much time and money it will take DPI to answer his questions or how long Forest’s state-paid staff will spend going through the answers.

Really?  Can you imagine how these “newshounds” would have reacted if DPI Secretary John Tedesco had responded like this to Democrat Lt. Gov. Linda Coleman?   Lt. Dan is DOING HIS JOBwhat he was hired to do.  DPI Secretary June Atkinson — presiding over a public school system where 2/3 of high school graduates entering the state’s community colleges need remedial coursework — IS NOT.