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(*SIGH*) ANOTHER political resignation?

Dr. Megan Davies is being heralded by leftists activists, Democrat pols, and their comrades in the drive-by media for her courage in resigning her state job over Pat McCrory and the boys pollutin’ all the drinkin’ water.  There has been all kinds of hollering about…

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Coal Ash kibosh: Screw commissions. Just DO YOUR JOBS !!!

For years, the news has been peppered with stories about politicians setting up study panels and commissions to deal with a certain issue.  A lot of hearings and press conferences are held.  And very little actually gets done.  Can you honestly think of the last…

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#ncga: Common Core, coal ash commissions (and their price tags)

I’ve never been a big fan of study commissions organized by politicians. They are almost always easy ways out for politicians looking to avoid having to take a tough stand on a controversial issue.  They are great opportunities to appoint cronies, and allow them to…

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(*SIGH*) That’s OUR Pat.

It’s amazing. It used to be the kiss of death for a politician when he or she blatantly disrespects their base.  But, hey — Thom Tillis did it, and he’s now a US senator.  Pat McCrory looks like he’s following Thom’s lead.  Who knows? Maybe…

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Why lead when you can hide behind a B.S. commission or even SUE ???

Governor Pat McCrory is ratcheting up his efforts to bring the same GOP base infuriation and screwing-over tactics he perfected in Charlotte to a much larger statewide audience.  The legislature set up a commission for dealing with Duke Energy’s coal ash spill in the Dan River….

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Coal Ash combat

In DC, Barry Obama is preparing to go to war against the Islamic State.  In Raleigh, Pat McCrory is barricaded inside his Blount Street residence preparing for battle against his fellow Republicans in the General Assembly. The subject of this Oak City discord?  Coal Ash:…