(*SIGH*) ANOTHER political resignation?

14148216-1415140544-640x480Dr. Megan Davies is being heralded by leftists activists, Democrat pols, and their comrades in the drive-by media for her courage in resigning her state job over Pat McCrory and the boys pollutin’ all the drinkin’ water. 

There has been all kinds of hollering about coal ash FOR YEARS now.  Isn’t it interesting that Davies, the state epidemiologist, waited until the heat of the governor’s race to quit — and make a huge stink? 

It’s also quite interesting that she appears to be a registered Democrat launching a very public attack on a Republican governor during his very heated, very close reelection campaign.  Follow The Money, the great site tracking political giving, suggests that Dr. Davies is also quite the fan of Joe Biden and Barry Obama. In 2012, it says she gave $500 to the Obama-Biden campaign.   The site indicates she also gave $1000 that year to The Obama Victory Fund.  

We’ve seen this before — what appear to be wide-eyed innocent state employees resigning in horror and disgust with the new Republican administration.  Prior to 2012 — state government was stockpiled for decades with allies of elected members of Raleigh’s Democrat majority. 

Stuff like this is pure Alinsky — creating as much chaos and public fear as possible, while completely discounting good solid proveable facts.  I am not suggesting that the McCrory administration could not possibly lie or cover something up.  I am not suggesting that government could not do something stupid that leads to people getting sick or dying. Contrary to what the drivebys are peddling to us, I don’t believe Pat McCrory gleefully went along with poisoning people

I sure do wish the drivebys could deliver info to us devoid of the taint of political propaganda and spin. (I also wish I had Trump’s bank account, and could meet some of Melania’s old modeling friends.  But like the wish in the first sentence of this paragraph, that ain’t happening.) 



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  1. $500 – $1,000 contributions to Presidential races sure pales in comparison to the more than One Million Dollars McCrory gets from Duke Energy.
    Y’all are grasping at straws.

        1. So thanks for documenting your comment was incorrect. More than one million dollars to McCrory becomes $437k to all GOP…plus Duke gives to democraps some as well.

          Your credibility is going to be closer to ABCCBSNBCPMSNBCCNN if you keep this up.

          1. From the document; “… $1.1 million in direct and indirect support for McCrory from Duke Energy during 2008-2012.”

          2. Yeah. All I see is about $300k for that. No telling what the other $700K was spent on….you do know Duke is involved in many states so there is no way to tell. I really like to see the data, so unless you can back up the number without some nebulous “indirect” caveat you are just trying to paint a picture that is not there. Maybe you need to go research Ol’ Roy and organizations like the HRC….oh but they are totally altriustic so it does not count!

  2. …resigning her state job over Pat McCrory and the boys pollutin’ all the drinkin’ water.

    Just wait until it really starts to sink in that various State agencies have known for several years that much of Wake County’s well water (and probably Franklin, Johnson, Nash, and other counties) is contaminated with uranium, and have tried to keep it quiet.

    North Carolina’s Next Hot Mess
    The untold story of uranium-contaminated water in the state capital’s suburbs (and why no one knows about it)

    1. Read it. Seems like some ecowhacko hysteria over nothing. BTW, I live in JoCo not far from where the results map ends. Not really concerned about natural radiation. Plus, most people are moving away from wells these days anyway.

      1. I have read it. Some of the samples are 60 times the EPA allowable limit for uranium. If they had come from a public water system, it would have violated federal law.

        most people are moving away from wells these days anyway.

        What does that mean? Where are they getting water from? Are we talking about expanding public utilities to provide clean water to huge rural areas? We can barely muster up the revenue and public support to maintain the infrastructure we have now.

        1. Duh, that means that people are not digging wells like they did in the past. And yes, here in JoCo I am out in the country and have public water.

        2. Also, if you look at the geologic map of NC the results actually closely mirror a granite seam in Wake and JoCo. Granite and bedrock like many of the harder rocks have a lot of radiation. You would probably find some higher radon readings as well.

          The fact is this is more leftist hysteria about an issue that is insignificant. People have been using the water around the area for centuries and we do not see a big radiation poisoning problem.

  3. As it is undesputible, water seeks it on level, whether it is tainted or not. So do like minds. Dr. Davies serves as proof of the latter.

    Browny Douglas

  4. How much you wanna bet she will have a sweet job at a Z. Smith Reynolds supported “community organization” within a month. I am sure they had this all set up and ready to go before the news broke.

  5. This is a prime example of McCrory’s failure to put a GOP stamp on his administration coming back to bite him in the rear end.

    Jim Martin had Wilma Sherrill and a staff of 14 in the Govenor’s office keeping track of all key policy making positions in state government and making sure they went to good Republicans. Wilma had her personality issues, but she did not have a weakness for letting Democrats stay. Martin mostly cleaned house of the Democrats in policy making positions and replaced them with Republicans who kept a close eye on policy, mostly from a conservative standpoint. Wilma also helped get Republicans into state government at all levels.

    McCrory appointed Republicans to head less than half of his cabinet departments, and most of the Republicans who did get appointed were not ones who had been active in the party. Then, he let each of them have full rein over personnel in their departments. They brought on or kept on even more Democrats and other non-Republicans. Instead of a 15 member personnel staff in the governors office, McCrory has the guy in charge of boards and commissions spending a little bit of his time watching full time jobs but without any rreal clout to actually get anyone hired. People with GOP party activity on their resume might as well not apply to this administration, although Democrat activity does not seem to be a negative.

    There has been a massive failure of putting our people in place by this administration. It is now coming back to haunt them. McCrory needs to ask Jim Martin to school him on how to use personnel to put your own people in place to advance your policy. That and the impact it has on enthusiasm for a candidate among the party faithful. I see a whole lot less enthusiasm for McCrory than I saw for Martin’s reelection and patronage is a big part of that. I think most of the party faithful will still vote for him, but it is without the enthusiasm that was there for Martin’s reelection.

    1. Democrats need not worry surly Pat will have another Big Liberal Donor step up and replace her.

      Republicans don’t pay enough to get this job!

        1. Yes, narrative > science. Just look at the globalclimatewarmingsavethepolarbearsandwhaleschange scam. (I tried to include all incarnations of the narrative a as they have probably changed it again because the current term has likely been proven wrong…again)

        2. Yes, I guess the first question asked of any potential replacements for our state epidemiologist should be: “Are you an environmentalist?”

          1. Yes, or “climate scientist” . What is the term…oxymoron maybe? I know moron should be involved 🙂

          2. Before it got that far, someone should look at party registration and political contribution history when it comes to a policy making position.

        3. Yes, narrative and scientific results are different. They are not necessarily exclusive of each other. Science can drive narrative but not the other way around. Environmentalists, depending upon their rigor, may use either form of narrative. The more rigorous environmentalist will use scientific results to drive their narrative.

          1. Well, how do you explain the GlobalClimateChangeWarming “issue”? If there were any case of narrative driving the science then that is it. True, there are some actual scientists who have not been bought off by Big Climate and do work that shows what is actually happening, but most have become beholden to all the money being thrown their way to toe the line…and to drive the narrative. That is why you did not see the stories on how GW has paused for 19 years now. That was not the narrative their money men wanted.

  6. McCrory has really messed up in the appointments arena. It is really bad in the Cultural Resources Department where relations with conservative Republican organizations are the worst they have ever been. The head of that department is a Democrat appointed by McCrory, by the way.

    1. In that department, the Secretary appointed under Governor Jim Martin was Patric Dorsey, who had been a Republican congressional district chairman and the Deputy Secretary was Hal McKinney,who had been a Republican congressional district vice chairman. Both were solid conservatives. This department is indeed a good example in the different appointment policies of Martin and McCrory.

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