(*SIGH*) That’s OUR Pat.

laughIt’s amazing. It used to be the kiss of death for a politician when he or she blatantly disrespects their base.  But, hey — Thom Tillis did it, and he’s now a US senator.  Pat McCrory looks like he’s following Thom’s lead.  Who knows? Maybe conservatives will hold their nose for him in 2016 like they did for Thom earlier this month. itspat

In a horrible piece of judicial overreach, Richard Burr’s favorite federal judge overturned the marriage amendment to the state constitution.  What was our fearless leader’s response?  Belly-up, full submission. 

A federal judge had just stepped in and made up a reason to rewrite the laws of nature and toss out the will of the people of North Carolina.  And we get an ‘Oh, well,” from Gov. Pat. 

Well, it looks like we found out what really gets Gov. Pat fired up. Hinder his ability to make appointments, and you’re gonna get yourself sued.  The legislators actually did the governor a favor.  They created this B.S. – commission to insulate McCrory from the scandal surrounding his former employer.  McCrory’s efforts to sue his way into having more influence on commission appointments only adds credence to lefty claims that Gov. Pat is aiming to take care of his former bosses. 

Some religious right leaders pointed out the difference in these two situations here:  Gov. Pat will fight over limits to his political perks, but not against federal overreach into the affairs of the state of North Carolina.  And, if you were curious, here was the pissy response from Gov. Pat’s flack: huntpat

[…] McCrory spokesman Ryan Tronovitch responded: “We are proud to join two-term Republican Gov. Jim Martin in our continued effort to defend and uphold the North Carolina Constitution.” […] 

Um, what about Jim Hunt?  He’s part of that “effort” too.  And wasn’t the marriage amendment a part of the constitution, too?  (Just askin’ …)