(*SIGH*) That’s OUR Pat.

laughIt’s amazing. It used to be the kiss of death for a politician when he or she blatantly disrespects their base.  But, hey — Thom Tillis did it, and he’s now a US senator.  Pat McCrory looks like he’s following Thom’s lead.  Who knows? Maybe conservatives will hold their nose for him in 2016 like they did for Thom earlier this month. itspat

In a horrible piece of judicial overreach, Richard Burr’s favorite federal judge overturned the marriage amendment to the state constitution.  What was our fearless leader’s response?  Belly-up, full submission. 

A federal judge had just stepped in and made up a reason to rewrite the laws of nature and toss out the will of the people of North Carolina.  And we get an ‘Oh, well,” from Gov. Pat. 

Well, it looks like we found out what really gets Gov. Pat fired up. Hinder his ability to make appointments, and you’re gonna get yourself sued.  The legislators actually did the governor a favor.  They created this B.S. – commission to insulate McCrory from the scandal surrounding his former employer.  McCrory’s efforts to sue his way into having more influence on commission appointments only adds credence to lefty claims that Gov. Pat is aiming to take care of his former bosses. 

Some religious right leaders pointed out the difference in these two situations here:  Gov. Pat will fight over limits to his political perks, but not against federal overreach into the affairs of the state of North Carolina.  And, if you were curious, here was the pissy response from Gov. Pat’s flack: huntpat

[…] McCrory spokesman Ryan Tronovitch responded: “We are proud to join two-term Republican Gov. Jim Martin in our continued effort to defend and uphold the North Carolina Constitution.” […] 

Um, what about Jim Hunt?  He’s part of that “effort” too.  And wasn’t the marriage amendment a part of the constitution, too?  (Just askin’ …)

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  1. It isn’t just McCrory, it is also Forest.

    Forest issued a press release just like McCrory critical of the judifical overreach.

    Where is the press release from Forest taking McCrory to task for failing to fight on this issue? Or any other?

    Just because the Lt. Governor kisses various tea party activists on the cheeks and gives them lip service doesn’t make he a strong conservative.

    Lt. Governor Forest, LEAD or sit down and get out of the way. I know you want a campaign contribution from me…I have the heartfelt, loving notes from you thanking me for supporting various GOP candidates.

    Want my support? Name 1 time you have stood at to McCrory. One time.

    1. You are not very observant if you did not note the major differences in the approaches of McCrory and Forest to the federal judicial tyranny on marriage. McCrory caved in while Forest came out fighting.

      The coal ash thing really does not matter too much to me, but McCrory will seriously crap in his mess kit if he seriously tries to push the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in North Carolina. Obamacare is a third rail in American politics for many Republicans, and if he gets on board with Obamacare by doing that, it will be a major screw up.

      I gave McCrory a fair amount of money in both 2008 and 2012, and am trying to convince myself I did not throw it away. There have been too many disappointments coming out of this administration. As to Tillis, he did not get a dime of my money, as I diverted my US Senate contributions to Republicans in other states who I had more confidence in.

      1. I most certainly do see a difference in styles between McCrory and Forrester: McCrory clearly disdains us while Forest prefers to smile and grin in our faces while doing all he can to support and assist McCrory.

        You had mentioned previously that Forest has disagreed publicly on several occasions with McCrory. I say that has never happened and asked you to provide 1 example.

        Anyway, any tea party activist who condemns conservative congressman not for their stands but rather for propping us the Congressional GOP leadership owe them apologies if they at the same time defend and make excuses for Forest.

        1. Common Core and the gay marriage ruling are two examples. I cannot recall Forest going liberal on anything.

          It is apparent that the governor’s circle must now consider Forest a possible primary challenger. I know there are some in the GOP, including people who held high positions in the Martin administration (I heard it from a former Division Director in the Martin administration) who are actively looking for a primary challenger to McCrory, and I suspect that Forest would be one they would scout out.

          Personally, I would rather see Forest primary Tricky Dick Burr if Burr does run again.

          1. Certainly, Forest has conservative views regarding gay marriage and Common Core. But where, exactly, did Forest PUBLICLY take McCrory to task? He didn’t.

            I would support Forest in a primary against McCrory but that isn’t going to happen.

            Forest is just another Huckabee or other religious conservative who wins supports from the religious element of the tea party and they follow him blindly.

            But he is no different from any other typical conservative GOPer…he just knows how to say Amen better than most.

  2. I was suspicious of Dan Forest from the start, given his political pedigree. I’m sorry, but not surprised, to be gradually proven right. Dan is an ambitious politician and climber who knows how to speak the “in-language” to Tea Party groups made up of folks who would really be more at home in a Moral Majority-esque movement than one ostensibly built around limiting the size and scope of government across the board.

    Because they are now personally invested in him and emotionally identify with him, he has the political leeway to give lip service to their issues but not actually stick his neck out in any meaningful way.

    1. Adam, There may have been truer words posted on this site, but I have no clue as to when or where!

    2. Dan’s true colors may take a while to come out. Freshly painted walls look different after drying out.

    3. I was initially suspicious of Forest due to his entanglement with The Huckster, Mike Huckabee, who has been a strong pro-establishment and anti-Tea Party figure in the GOP. If you look at Huckabee’s record as governor, he was conservative on social issues but largely a big government guy on most other issues. Huckabee’s endorsements in major races in the last few cycles have been for establishment candidates and against Tea Party or conservative movement candidates. He even endorsed liberal David Dewhurst over Ted Cruz in Texas. The Club for Growth, a major Reaganite limited government PAC calls Huckabee a ”Christian socialist” and the conservative website Red State called him a ”pro-life statist”. Support from The Huckster does not endear a candidate to limited government conservatives.

      That said, I have been impressed with Forest’s reccord in office so far, in spite of the concern about his Huckabee connection.

    1. Yes, yes, we all know that Forest clearly takes conservative positions, which since he doesn’t have to cast a vote nor have to sign a bill doesn’t take much leadership.

      Tea Party Activists often claim taking conservative positions isn’t enough but rather showing leadership is more important.

      Show us ONE TIME that Forest has criticized McCrory. If you cannot do so, ok. But stop saying he has stood up to the governor, when he hasn’t.

      TPActivists complain about conservative congressmen not being willing to take on their leadership. Posters HERE have criticized Burr for errant decisions made by judges he voted to confirm. If you guys cant hold Forest to the same standard you hold the others, you should frankly refrain from being critical of the GOP establishment. IMHO.

      1. Tricky Dick Burr’s deviations go much deeper than just failing to take on the ”leadership” of ”Kentucky Kickback” McConnell (named for the bribe McConnell took from Harry Reid to stab Repubicans in the back over Obamacare).

        Burr has adopted the sneaky and underhanded tactic of Lindsay Graham of voting with the liberals on the key procedural votes on major legislation and then with the conservatives on the then meaningless final votes, and claiming he supported the conservative position on the bill. In those situations the procedural vote was the only place the legislation could have been stopped and was the key vote on the bill.

        Tricky Dick Burr did one other thing that is absolutely unforgivable, and that is helping McConnell finance the worst of the dirty tricks used against Chris McDaniel in stealing the nomination from Chris McDaniel in Mississippi. The Senate Conservatives Fund followed the money trail from Burr, McConnell and five other scoundrels direct to the illegal non-registered PAC in Mississippi that did the race baiting and other dirty tricks. The SCF dubbed them the Shameful Seven. This alone will make it almost impossible for me to ever vote for Tricky Dick ever again. It is an outrage against conservatives.

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