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#ncpol: Drivebys celebrate rise of radicals, rioters, & repudiator$ in big-city NC govts

We told you earlier about The Charlotte Observer’s fawning about a ringleader of the 2016 riots that tore that city apart being elected to the city council.  The Fayetteville Observer did what it does best — cover up for a Democrat candidate in a local…

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McClatchy celebrates Charlotte rioter’s election to city council

I was an undergrad in DC when then-mayor Marion Barry got caught smoking crack in a hotel room with a woman who was not his wife.  The whole thing was on videotape.  I thought for sure the guy was DONE politically.  I mean, who could…

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#ncga: Gettin’ PAID in Hendersonville

SOME of the honorables on Jones Street are pushing through changes to Hendersonville’s charter:  Got that?  “The mayor AND council members shall receive for their services such salaries as the City Council shall determine , from time to time, in acordance with the applicable general…

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Rocky Mount “racism” update

We told you the other day about the outrageous behavior of the Rocky Mount City Council.  Well, the good folks at Civitas have offered up the details that led to Mr. Daughtridge addressing the council and subsequently being slandered: […] In the meeting, which took…

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Disagree with the Rocky Mt. city council? You’re RACIST!

When I first heard about what happened Monday night in Rocky Mount, I couldn’t believe it.  A reader from the Rocky Mount area tipped me off to an incident at that night’s city council meeting.  He directed me to this video, which details it in…

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Set-asides, preferences for gays in the cards for City of Charlotte?

        Folks who do business with The City of Charlotte may want to sit up and take notice: Councilmember LaWana Mayfield spoke to nearly 40 LGBT community members on Tuesday about the city’s new minority, women and small business enterprise program. The…

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Charlotte Pol: Undervaluation of Panther stadium saved team TONS in property taxes

The Charlotte City Council’s vote to give the owners of The Carolina Panthers $87 million to renovate Bank of America Stadium has raised some hackles in the grassroots. Did the Carolina Panthers avoid millions in Charlotte city taxes as a result of an unusually low…

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Simon Says: Pull Your Pants Up!

Pants on the ground Pants on the ground Lookin’ like a fool with yo pants on the ground With yo gold in yo mouth Hat turned sideways, pants hit the ground Call yourself a cool cat, lookin like a fool Walkin’ downtown with your pants…

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A tax revolt on Charlotte City Council?

  At first glance, Charlotte would appear to be a rather hopeless venue for the teaching and preaching of fiscal conservatism. Since Pat McCrory’s departure from city politics in 2008, the Democrats have taken the mayor’s office and a 9-2 majority on the city council….

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City of Charlotte seeking legal advice on same-sex benefits for city workers

        In the wake of the overwhelming approval last week of the marriage amendment to the state constitution, the Democrat-dominated Charlotte City Council is taking it slow and cautious on benefits for city employees in same-sex relationships: The Charlotte City Council appeared…