Disagree with the Rocky Mt. city council? You’re RACIST!


When I first heard about what happened Monday night in Rocky Mount, I couldn’t believe it.  A reader from the Rocky Mount area tipped me off to an incident at that night’s city council meeting.  He directed me to this video, which details it in all its, um, glory.

The video is about ten minutes long.  During the — roughly — first five minutes, you can see a portion of local businessman Lige Daughtridge’s very professional presentation to the council expressing his concerned about a proposed taxpayer-funded Events Center.

The video portrays a few more citizens addressing the council. At the end of the public comment period — around the 8:55 mark, the mayor yields the floor to councilman Andre Knight.  On camera, Knight – who happens to be black — proceeds to call Daughtridge a racist.  Knight says Daughtridge is only raising concerns about the proposed Events Center because the city manager and some members of the council, who support the center, happen to be black. 

The outrageousness doesn’t stop there.  Knight completes his rant, and Daughtridge tries to respond.  The mayor cuts Daughtridge off — telling him he is not allowed to speak.  All of this goes down while an armed police officer stands off to Daughtridge’s side watching him.

On a side note — I learned that Knight happens to be president of the local NAACP and past president of the NAACP.  He used to have Bill Barber’s job!


14 thoughts on “Disagree with the Rocky Mt. city council? You’re RACIST!

  1. So does this mean “Build the Events Center” will become a rallying cry of the Moral Monday Troupe? So do I volunteer to get arrested if they build it or don’t build it?

    “Your honor, I throw myself on the ignorance of the court.”

  2. The NAACP used to be a respected civil rights group. This is yet another example that it has now become nothing but a thuggish leftwing political mafia.

  3. There’s a better than even chance that the “racist” cry and hue will shut up the opposition. That’s the tactics of the left, and it appears it often works. Until we recognize the tactic, we will continue to lose on ALL issues.

  4. Nancy, you are right. Until we sufficiently expose the tactic which is well know among those who have fought such issues for years. They come straight out of the Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. The President of the U.S., the AG of the U.S., the majority of black elected officials, and most of the media uses the tactic of “accusing your opposition of what you yourself are doing.” Andre Knight is a militant radical well trained in the Marxist subversive tactics. The recent city council race in Rocky Mount ended up with no one but incumbents running unopposed. Not because no one wants to serve but because no one wants to enter the snake pit. The council also is paying big money to a former city council woman, now state legislator so that her non-profit (wink-wink) can do a racial balance study of Rocky Mount. Another waste of money. All the while the city takes millions of dollars from the extorted utilities revenue to waste on “special” projects. We already pay higher than average utility rates because of the Electricities / Eastern Municipal Power Association that does nothing but act as a do nothing middle man paying high salaries so that Duke Power can sell us electricity. All the while the city steals money from the revenue (albeit legal but not moral) rather than giving their captive customer base a break. It’s time for recall provisions to be voted in for NC.

  5. Andre Knight is the racist!!! That’s why he is always always throwing race into EVERYTHING! He’s horrible for Rocky Mount!! He makes me sick!!

  6. Andre Knight continues use racist tactics to intimidate anyone who opposes him much the same way Barber does. Rumors are that Knight and a partner are buying up properties where the proposed “event center” will be built. He also does not live in the ward that he represents. This was brought to light a few years ago and even though it was proven that he did not live in his “bachelor pad” nothing was ever done to remove him. He and his cronies are the main reason Rocky Mount will never recover and grow no matter how much money they throw away down town. Who wants to go any where down there if you have to fear for your life every time you get out of your car.

    1. If he does not live in his district, the thing to do is challenge his voter registration before the county Boards of Elections, which will now have a Republican majority. If the facts are there for a successful challenge, that will disqualify him from continuing to serve. Such a challenge worked to take down Democrat hack (former councilman and mayor) Boyette from public office in Belhaven, NC. Get a lawyer, get your evidence together and go get ’em.

      1. That has already BEEN done, several years ago. The Board, with a Democrat majority, voted against Knight. BUT the courts overruled them.

  7. I wish he had been born in darkest Africa instead of the greatest country on earth.
    Guys like him are like a cancer that kills their hosts.

  8. I would have thought that Rocky Mount was close enough to Roanoke Rapids that they could have seen how the Randy Parton Theater (event center) worked out for that city. I guess some LibTards never learn. There is still illegal internet gambling going on in the theater last time I checked. And Roanoke Rapids has made it to #3 on the top ten list of the poorest cities in America. They are poor in part because of the $21.7 million they gave away on the Randy Parton Event Center which is now a gambling hall that the city gave away.

  9. Thank you for putting this out there. If nothing else, it will raise awareness of the chronyism taking place in Rocky Mount. Sadly, I do not see any of the majority on the council breaking ranks and doing the right thing. They still cannot fund it but they will worry about that later. There is already a big push of folks trying to leave the area. This will only add fuel to that movement.

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