McCrory: Common Core fan Jim Hunt a mentor, hero, adviser

Governor Pat McCrory unveiled his education agenda yesterday, and opponents of the common core curriculum can’t be happy with what they heard:

McCrory previewed his legislative agenda in a speech at the Hunt Institute’s Holshouserhmc Legislators Retreat on Monday night, though he did not provide specific policy plans.

McCrory repeatedly emphasized the importance of bipartisanship in approaching the issue of education, saying “this is not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue,” and praised former Democratic Gov. Jim Hunt as a valued adviser.

“Jim Hunt is a hero of mine, he’s a mentor of mine, and the state has been so fortunate to have him in leadership in so many different ways,” he said. “From the day I came in office and was sworn in and then sworn at at times, he’s been a great adviser to me.”

Let’s see.  In 2012, conservatives were told to hold their nose over policy differences and march under the banner of “party loyalty.” And we got a Republican governor — who views Jim Hunt, the capo di tutti of the state’s Democrat Party machine, as a hero and allows him to influence at least one of the most important pieces of state government policy.  

Former Governor Hunt spent 16 years in the executive mansion in Raleigh.  He is widely hailed as “The Education Governor” — despite the fact we are STILL trying to “fix” public education 14 years after the end of his last term in office.  Hunt is one of the state’s — and the nation’s — biggest cheerleaders for common core. 

McCrory has previously made positive public statements about common core.  The governor’s education advisor, Eric Guckian, has also gone on record making expressing similar sentiments. 

McCrory’s fellow Republican, Lt. Governor Dan Forest has come out strong against the common core curriculum.  But a recent interview he gave The N&O indicated a possible softening of that opposition.

In 2014, conservatives are getting the same spiel from the GOP establishment:  Put aside policy differences, and focus on getting someone with an R next to their name elected.  

What good is it to elect an R who is going to push for — and vote for — things that a D in that same position would have?


14 thoughts on “McCrory: Common Core fan Jim Hunt a mentor, hero, adviser

  1. This is what happens when you hold your nose and vote for a neo-con RINO. Never again. If this is the best the GOP can do, they truly are doomed.

    1. This explains a lot about why our Gov is failing. He says and I quote “he’s been an advisor to me since I took office” if the people of NC want to go down that path Pat would have never been elected. And by the way just how we’ll did our education system rank after all those years under the Hunt Adm and billions of dollars was it 38 or39? Now that’s what we call success. Lol And the reward the Republicans get after taking control after 140 yrs with lots of grassroots help? We use a highly successful Democrat with a great track record of wonderful education accomplishment as Gov as a mentor what a joke! This is education success do all the things again that got us 38 or 39 rank. Lol just to funny!!!!

      1. The picture is worth a thousand words: An Establican and a Commiecrat embracing. The only thing I might add is Pat’s foot on a Patriot’s throat.

  2. The room erupted in cheers when he announced what amounted to his plans to implement full on socialism in education at the 2012 NCGOP state convention. Knew we were beyond hope at that point.

  3. My 7 year old granddaughter’s homework was a sheet on Antarctica. She read about the length of the daylight for the summer and the winter (but not a clue as to why) and about the animals. Nothing about geography or science. At the bottom was a propaganda statement asking. “Don’t you think this land should be protected for future generations?”. This is typical. Common Core or not, our education system has already fully embraced The United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century. Sustainable Development. Smart Growth. How do we get to a “redo” button to fix this damage to the ability of our young people to think about the usefulness of an idea and not the obligation to withhold for idealistic reasons? We are 20 years too late (or more). This bright young person who could be a great engineer or ballet dancer or anything wonderful now wants to be a marine biologist. Mind control. Those of you who are home-schooling may be our redemption.

  4. Bipartisanship should be stricken from the dictionary. What it has come to mean is capitulation to values none of us embrace, but that big government loves. By definition, a conservative would not hand over control of the schools to Washington. McCrory shows his true stripes.

    We need to reinforce Dan Forrest, now and at next election.

    1. We do need Republicans who act like they are Republicans when it comes to policy, instead of acting like undocumented Democrats.

      Local control of education is a cornerstone of conservative policy.

  5. Common Core is a critical issue and while the Republicans in office may not realize the dangers of CC, there are those that do. We the people understand it and know what a danger it is for our children and the future of our country. I attended a speech by Greg Brannon the other night at Colonial where he spoke on Common Core. There were over 200 people in the room who were homeschoolers and just concerned citizens who do not want Common Core forced on them. Greg has studied the issue of education and has experienced what it means to have the freedom to educate. He and his wife both attended public school and his wife was a public school teacher. Greg later helped start 2 private schools where his children attended. They now homeschool their 3 youngest children. Greg has lived out and can testify that freedom to educate your children should be in the control of the parents. The parents need to decide what is best for their children…not the government. Freedom of education is crucial for all and the freedom to educate our children the way we want is up to the parents. We must all stand up and fight this issue and let Gov. McCory know that Common Core is bad and we need to say no! We need to listen to experts who have liberty and our Constitution as their bases of laws and support those who are fighting for our liberty and freedom like Greg Brannon. We don’t need a “Republican” listening to a Democrat for advise. The liberals are the ones supporting Common Core, of course Hunt will advise in favor it. We need to let Dan Forest know he can’t soften up on this issue. Listening to Greg the other night, really enlightened me to things that I didn’t know. His knowledge on this issue is unmatched with any other that I have heard. More so now, I realize how hard we must fight against Common Core!

    1. Kim , Dan hasn’t gone squishy on Communist Core. Strong as ever against. Bad reporting by the N&O. I know everyone’s shocked, but there it is. We do need to remind the Governor of something however. His mentor’s policies , as Brant points out, have given us the sorry state of education our children , parents, and teachers must deal with today. We should also probably remind the Gov of one more thing. We elected a Republican.

  6. This is not good. We need a clear separation from Liberals. They will look you in the eye gov McCrory and bash you with cheating at the polls. His ideas killed teacher pay with mountains of tests, and layers of administration and three pre k programs. Also strapped the lottery to building programs More at 4 recruited illegals just for numbers. What Mattie said is true. Weekly readers have been propaganda from leftists for decades. Mind and emotion lies sold to our kids while we work Just like Clinton hunt squandered the tech age financial boom with massive programs and govt on steroids. Now we suffer

  7. God save us from Charlotte Republicans. Thank God we have a conservative legislature to save us from McCrory.

  8. Our only hope of defeating Common Core lies with the legislature. The next public meeting is in February. Please be in touch with those on the committee and tell them about your concerns. We know the governor is a lost cause, so we must gain enough support to trump a veto.

    Those in charge of NC education have been there for years. Why did they not write good standards for NC before? Why are they signing up with Common Core? Follow the money.

  9. What is Greg Brannon’s opinion of Common Core? I believe he is for freedom of school choice. Is that correct?

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