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Art Pope: Keep shoveling your $$$ to the GOPe in DC

Alleged conservative godfather Art Pope is trying to tell us it’s a bad idea to write off Mitch McConnell and the boys in DC:  […] The White House has been closely monitoring the donor unease, concerned that it could derail the party’s 2018 efforts. Last…

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#ncpol: Art Pope sending jobs to GEORGIA ?????

He’s been a big cheerleader for North Carolina.  He was pat McCrory’s budget director.  He campaigned for the ConnectNC bonds as a way to build North Carolina’s econmy. Now, it appears that Art Pope’s business is doing its part to grow the economy in the…

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Art Pope: Trump like George Wallace, will kill GOP down-ballot

The guy who called government borrowing millions and billions of dollars “fiscally conservative” flew out to Colorado to sip chablis with THOSE Koch brothers and shove one last knife into Donald Trump’s back:  The lakeside restaurant at dusk seemed the perfect place to end what…

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Tap-dancing toward an HB-2 sellout?

Are Raleigh’s ‘Mr. Conservative’ and his sugar daddy about to pull a number over on us?   The Magic 8-ball says ‘Quite Possibly.’ I did one heck of a spit-take a couple of weeks ago while watching NC Spin.  Grandpa Tom singled out John Hood…

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#ncpol: Team Pope protecting Pat about planes?

Civitas and The John Locke Foundation have long billed themselves as non-partisan, conservative watchdogs looking out for the interests of the taxpayer.  They went hard after former Democrat governors Mike Easley and Bev Perdue.  But when it comes to Republican Pat McCrory?  *CRICKETS.* Both organizations…

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Do all roads lead to Art?

For years, I’ve been part of the crowd that has scoffed at the leftist claims of a conspiracy by Art Pope to take over everything.  George Soros with a drawl?  But the way things are coming together in politics this year, it’s getting tougher to…

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The Art Pope myth

t’s funny.  I hear all of this whining and gnashing-of-the-teeth from the left about “conservative bogeyman” Art Pope. He gets portrayed as some kind of crusading right-winger with deep pockets ready to revolutionize North Carolina and America. From what I’ve observed — up close and…

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Art Pope: ConnectNC is “fiscally conservative”

Is he speaking in a relative sense?  “Fiscally conservative” in comparison to what?  The federal government?  The act of simply flushing cash down the toilet?  (*How much did he have to drink before granting this interview?*)  This is mind-blowing stuff coming from one of the…

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#ncga Gov. Pat & Uncle Art hit Jones Street

Gov. Pat McCrory and his former budget director Art Pope got together with NCGA Republicans this morning to talk road bonds.  Of course, we had a mole or two (or three) in the room. Said one mole: “It was disappointing, to say the least, to…

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Art Pope for UNC president?

I’m sure the very thought of that sends shockwaves of trauma across The People’s Republic of Chapel Hill.  Emergency drum circle sessions are being organized.  Every discount store in Orange County is bracing for protests. Somebody is doing a great job of floating this rumor….