Art Pope: Keep shoveling your $$$ to the GOPe in DC

Alleged conservative godfather Art Pope is trying to tell us it’s a bad idea to write off Mitch McConnell and the boys in DC: 

[…] The White House has been closely monitoring the donor unease, concerned that it could derail the party’s 2018 efforts. Last week, Marc Short, Trump’s director of legislative affairs who previously served as an operative for the Koch financial network, delivered a presentation for a group of influential conservative financiers that included Frayda Levin and Art Pope.

Some in the administration, however, view a donor revolt as a useful way to motivate lawmakers. On Tuesday, Nick Ayers, chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, told a group of RNC donors that if Congress failed to enact the president’s agenda they should withhold their financial support and instead give to primary challengers.

Not all donors are joining the protest. Pope, for one, blamed the GOP’s legislative struggles on its slim Senate majority. If anything, he said, it’s reason to continue donating, in order to elect more Republicans.

“It’s very difficult when you have a razor thin majority and united opposition from the other party,” he said.[…]

Why can’t the GOP have that kind of unity?

If Pope truly is the great businessman he’d like us to believe he is, I doubt he would continue to pay or employ someone who continually refused to do what he or she promised to do.

Pope funds groups — John Locke and Civitas — supposedly devoted to promoting conservatism.  Yet, when given the chance, he backs away from a fight to restore conservatism as the centerpiece of the GOP?


7 thoughts on “Art Pope: Keep shoveling your $$$ to the GOPe in DC

    1. Thanks for the link to If you don’t already know, is the best source for the voting records of all members of Congress. Just click on “Voting Index” on the top right side of their home page.

  1. Pope’s father was a great businessman and Art is a very fine businessman. Art is conservative but he is also establishment. The GOP needs to rid itself of the Collins and McCains and do away with the filibuster and return to a simple majority to pass legislation in the senate. Too much good legislation is bottled up now that has no chance of ever passing. However the establishment types don’t like Trump and his disrupter attitude. He actually does what he says he will do. Their mantra has been open borders and so called free trade. Ellis Island saw 12 million come to America in over 100 years legally ,and open borders has seen more than 50 million in 40 years, with another 800,000+ so called Dreamers and extended families yet to be counted.
    Free trade has transferred jobs and wealth out of America to our enemies and imported poverty and drugs. All Trump wants is secure borders and fair trade. What is wrong with that idea,except it hits a few extremely wealthy donors to both parties pocketbooks.

    1. Mitch McConnell badly needs to go, too. He is viciously anti-conservative, as does liberal Thom “Open Borders” Tillis.

  2. Art Pope is the best person with Conservative credentials still maintaining his North Carolina values. So many conservative foundations have run out of funds like the Olin Foundation. It’s hard for me to believe that Art Pope’s position on the Bradley Foundation Board as their new CEO is going to be able to prevent the rest of the board from granting more funds to Bozo Bozell, and continue frittering away Bradley Prize money to people like George Will or Roger Ailes were in the past.

    1. Olin INTENTIONALLY shut down:

      “…it was charged to spend all of its assets within a generation of Olin’s death, for fear of mission drift over time and to preserve donor intent…”

      “Mission drift” has happened over and over and over again…which looks like is probably happening at Bradley with Art now at the helm.

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