Tillis: Anger at Congress killing GOPe fundraising

The drive-bys tell us that the big donors to the national GOP are a wee bit miffed at their boys and girls on Capitol Hill:

Republicans are confronting a growing revolt from their top donors, who are cutting off the party in protest over its inability to get anything done.

Tensions reached a boiling point at a recent dinner at the home of Los Angeles billionaire Robert Day. In full view of around two dozen guests, Thomas Wachtell, a retired oil and gas investor and party contributor, delivered an urgent message to the night’s headliner, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: Just do something.[…] 

Hmmm.  Fundraising troubles? *Maybe Dallas and his grandpa can pull DC’s chestnuts out of the fire on this one.*

Of course, our junior US senator — when he’s not carrying water for The Chamber and The Farm Bureau — is up to his bad haircut (and even worse voting record) in the soap opera at the RNC:

[…] The backlash is threatening to deprive Republicans of resources just as they’re gearing up for the 2018 midterms. Party officials are so alarmed that North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis, who oversees fundraising for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, told his colleagues at a recent conference meeting that donations had fallen off a cliff after the Obamacare flop. The committee’s haul plummeted to just $2 million in July and August, less than half of what it raised in June.[…]

You would think the NRSC would learn.  The last time a North Carolina senator headed up the NRSC?  Elizabeth Dole.  She headed up the organization during the disastrous 2004 campaign that cost the GOP its majority in the Senate. 

6 thoughts on “Tillis: Anger at Congress killing GOPe fundraising

  1. The National Republican Senatorial Committee has been a RINO swamp for years and has only gotten worse, even before TIllis got involved. They have the arrogance to come into a state and try to tell that state who its nominee should be. If they don’t get their way, they pitch a tantrum and go away mad rather than help the GOP nominee.

    The Senate race in Colorado last year was a good example. Mitch McConnell picked their candidate, and the grassroots picked another. The grassroots candidate received an overwhelming endorsement from the state GOP convention, something party rules there allow and went on to handily win the primary. The grassroots candidate and party nominee was a very articulate black conservative county commissioner. The candidate backed by McConnell and the NRSC ran a pathetic fourth place in the primary. McConnel and the NRSC pitched a tantrum and refused to help the GOP nominee, even when polling showed a close general election race. This is the type of a-holes that McConnell and the NRSC are.

    No conservative should ever give a nickle to the NRSC. Instead the Senate Conservative Fund is the place to send your money, or direct to conservative Senate candidates.

    McConnell and his goons just spent millions in Alabama trying to tell local voters who their nominee should be, most of it trashing Judge Roy Moore, who is now the nominee. This is money that should have been spent against Democrats, not trying to manipulate the GOP nomination.

  2. No Congressional Action = No Donations! Empty donation envelopes being returned to NCGOP & RNC with no money and hand written note: ” Support the TRUMP Agenda if you want a donation from me”

  3. Give to the Candidate directly. National Republican Party supported a candidate to run against Representative Walter Jones 3rd District, Karl Rowe did this. After that I give directly to the Candidate! Rep. Walter Jones is an Honest person that supports the folks of eastern and coastal NC.

  4. Voter anger among the GOP base is also a huge potential problem the way our national and state GOP leaders are behaving. In an off year where turnout matters, this could kill GOP candidates when too much of the GOP base is not motivated to bother to go to the polls.

    Failing to pass Obamacare repeal, even the prissy phony repeals, is a huge disappointment to GOP voters. If these idiots pass any form of amnesty, like legalizing Obama’s executive amnesty, they are going to stir the anger even more.

    We have the same thing at the state level. I still hear a lot of grassroots GOP voters very angry at our legislators who caved in on HB2. That will not be forgotten or forgiven. While fewer follow the green energy boondoggle, for those who do, the anger at our legislators is just as great. Also, many 2nd amendment voters are outraged over the stalled gun rights bill.

    The GOP is shooting itself in the foot over issues, and they need to wake up before it is too late. They need to do some big things for conservatives at both the state and national level to counteract the big negatives they have created for themselves. After their misfires at both the state and national level, just having an R by your name is not going to cut it anymore. If they persist as weak sisters, they will pay the price at the polls. Our voters are in just as foul a mood as our contributions, and our elected officials need to grasp that.

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