Art Pope for UNC president?

popeI’m sure the very thought of that sends shockwaves of trauma across The People’s Republic of Chapel Hill.  Emergency drum circle sessions are being organized.  Every discount store in Orange County is bracing for protests.

Somebody is doing a great job of floating this rumor. In the last 24 hours, I have been asked about it from readers in Murphy, Manteo and all points in between.( I spoke with several of my key Jones Street friends who tell me they’ve heard nothing official on this.)   The drivebys have heard this too, and have been speculating about it in places like this and this. 

There has been an awful lot of bad publicity about the UNC system lately.  Gov. Pat — early in his administration — was critical of liberal arts degrees that don’t prepare students for careers in the outside, grown-up world.  There have been plenty of athletic  and academic (African Studies) scandals, as well as embarrassing crime stories. With each negative story, I am sure system president Tom Ross is sensing that a move might be afoot to send him packing and replace him with someone waiting in the wings.

Pope is an alumnus of UNC-Chapel Hill.  He helped add some grown-up influence in the early stages of the McCrory administration.  He’s got an impressive record as a manager, with a real eye for the financial side of things.  Pope has been very influential in nurturing conservative idea-peddlers at places like The John Locke Foundation and The Civitas Institute.  Having him in the top spot at the UNC system might help thaw the Cold War there against conservative-leaning academics.

Republicans in Raleigh have a significant opportunity at hand to cement radical changes within the UNC system.  To transform it from a Marxist gulag to the institution of true debate and idea-exchange it was meant to be.  Working throught the Board of Governors to democratize the system, reform the curriculum offerings so they are more in line with the needs and desires of employers,  and amend the whole “diversity” campaign to include people who appreciate capitalism, organized religion, and The American Dream.  I don’t know if Pope really wants the UNC president job, but — if he does — it would be a tremendous opening shot in the fight to bring positive change to the state university system. 

5 thoughts on “Art Pope for UNC president?

  1. One type of affirmative action I would like to see in the UNC system is to require more of an ideological balance. Hire more conservatives for the faculty.

  2. At least Pope’s appointment might be legit. Remember when Tholl Road Thom rigged the Board of Governors a short bit ago?
    Remember the vote…count…revote? Is anybody ever going to investigate that?
    Let’s see…we got that; Justin Burr’s campaign spending; Harsell’s campaign spending; LaRue’s retrial? And more I’m sure.
    Republicans aren’t the party of ethics and transparency by a long shot.

  3. The entire UNC system is a bloated disaster. It needs a thorough house cleaning. Whether or not the person for the job is Art Pope, I don’t know. But, in any event, there needs to be a major reorganization of the system. I have been very disappointed in the UNC Board of Governors’ failure to make the necessary reforms. Perhaps Pope would be the best choice, but the BOG would have to do their part as well. They were not appointed to simply enjoy the wine and cheese parties.

  4. The GOP needs to give it a shot because they will soon be swept out of NC politics. The GOP experiment has been horrible and I believe even the GOP is tired of the GOP. Hagan will destroy Tillis. I doubt McCrory will run but regardless Roy Cooper is our next governor. Let Pope reek havoc at UNC until the Democrats take back over for at least another 100 years.

    1. Nice bullSh*t leftist, but it is YOU and your ideology that WILL be swept away. This is a conservative God fearing state, not a leftist MA or CA, NY or IL clone.

      (Guys don’t fear his/her b.s. as it is just their butt catching up with their mouth and spewing our their illogical fears).

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