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UNC prof, NC drivebys: North Carolina = Cuba

For decades, leftists mocked those of us on the right for our “unnatural fear” of the Soviet Union.  Now, the lefties and their driveby media lapdogs are blasting us for being too *soft* on Russia. For years, we were told we were overreacting with the…

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#ncpol: Think UNC’s Gene Nichol is bad? Meet Altha Cravey.

I know. I know. Very similar to “crazy.”   We’ve provided a lot of coverage to the saga of Gene Nichol, the alleged law professor at UNC, who appears to do little more with his six-figure salary than publish articles bashing Republicans. The UNC Board…

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Art Pope for UNC president?

I’m sure the very thought of that sends shockwaves of trauma across The People’s Republic of Chapel Hill.  Emergency drum circle sessions are being organized.  Every discount store in Orange County is bracing for protests. Somebody is doing a great job of floating this rumor….