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After Supreme Court rulings, all eyes are on Roy Cooper and Amendment One

Well, the US Supreme Court has stripped key provisions out of the federal Defense of Marriage Act — which kept the feds from paying benefits to “married” gay couples.  The argument was made that it violated the equal protection clause —  applying the law the…

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Whipping up stuff and calling it NEWS (BEEP BEEP)

    So far, this campaign cycle, Pat McCrory is The Roadrunner, and the alleged mainstream media is Wile E. Coyote.  Just like ol’  Wile E., the media keeps trying to set traps for  McCrory and ends up  failing miserably. The statewide media are petrified…

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Confusion on Amendment One? (Gee, I wonder WHY … )

Public Policy Polling, A Democrat consulting firm based in Durham, has declared that there is  A LOT of confusion among voters on the upcoming referendum on amending the state constitution.  Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that the Democrats, the professional left, and their…

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Campaign 2012: The art of distraction

    When you mess up — the perfect way to delay or avoid the repercussions is to change the subject.  We are seeing that tactic playing out rather nicely in our politics on the national and state levels.  Look over there.  Pay no attention…

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John Locke’s Hood misrepresents Amendment One

      First it was Renee Ellmers.  Now, it’s John Locke Foundation president John Hood.  We’ve had a mini-outbreak of alleged conservative leaders throwing in with the left to help throw North Carolina’s conservative grassroots under the bus. The N&O recounted a recent column…

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Frackin’ & Marryin’ : Media’s omissions help push leftist agenda

You could call it sloppy, lazy reporting. You could call it conveniently leaving out inconvenient facts in order to spin a story the way you want it to go.  But a lot of North Carolina media — especially locally — seem to be giving us…

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Problems with Elon polling on NC marriage referendum

        Previously, I have cited a major problem with polling produced by Elon University.  They poll only RESIDENTS — i.e., whoever answers the phone — instead of the more reliable REGISTERED VOTERS or LIKELY VOTERS.   So, Elon poll respondents could be your…

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Dem Strategist: some risks for marriage amendment opponents

          Gary Pearce is the wisest wise man looking out for Democrat interests in The Tar Heel State.  He has been at the helm for some of the party’s greatest successes.  Writing in his blog, Pearce notes some potential pitfalls this…

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What Amendment One ACTUALLY says

    The gay rights movement, the professional LEFT, and their allies in the mainstream media (like our local Nobel Prize-winning newspaper) have moved into Moore County to continue — trying — to tie this May’s Amendment One vote to the old Jim Crow laws….

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Amendment One: Leftist snobbery on display

      Steve Bouser, the opinion editor at our Nobel Prize-nominated thrice weekly local paper here in Moore County, is at it again.  He’ll tell you he worked for Goldwater in 1964, did a stint in the Army, is close friends with Liddy Dole,…