Confusion on Amendment One? (Gee, I wonder WHY … )

Public Policy Polling, A Democrat consulting firm based in Durham, has declared that there is  A LOT of confusion among voters on the upcoming referendum on amending the state constitution.  Gee, I wonder why?

Could it be that the Democrats, the professional left, and their lapdogs in newsrooms around the state have repeated —   ad nauseum — lame, fact-less talking points comparing Amendment One to Jim Crow laws from the early 20th century? 

Could it have something to do with mainstream media in North Carolina REFUSING to publish or report the ACTUAL TEXT of the amendment?  If they did that, average North Carolinians could see for themselves that the amendment is NOWHERE NEAR the big deal the hysterical granolas are making it out to be.

If we can’t count on our major TV stations and newspapers to keep watch on government, and tell us the truth, what good are they?