We’re #4!!!! (Um … yay ???)

The N&O was pondering why Boss Bev was not tooting her horn about a slight drop in recent unemployment figures.

 (North Carolina’s rate FELL from 10% down to 9.9%. Most of that can be explained by tricky bureaucratic math reducing the size of the “work force.” Folks I know working at the ESC tell me they are STILL busier than ever.) 

The silence MAY have something to do with the fact that our state has the FOURTH worst unemployment rate in the nation.

The economy is THE issue on the minds of voters. Yet, Raleigh throws us this marriage referendum and education reform.  Why doesn’t the NCGOP want to talk about the economy?

Could it be that — since the last two years featured a Dem governor and a GOP legislature — the Raleigh ruling class is scared that the NCGOP will feel some of the voter wrath that is seething out here?  After all, the GOP took over the legislature in 2010 promising dramatic change — which has not yet shown itself, two years later.