State of North Carolina shutters Richard Hudson’s business

hudsonThe office of North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall has performed an “administrative dissolution” of  Cabarrus Marketing Group, LLC — a business founded by rookie congressman Richard Hudson one day before he moved back to North Carolina to run for Congress.

This action, which took place on May 23 of this year, was due to the corporation’s failure to follow state regulations and file annual reports.  Cabarrus Marketing was established on 10/12/11.  Marshall’s office issued a warning to the corporation on 12/12/12 that it needed to file an annual report, in accordance with state regulations, to avoid an administrative dissolution.

Apparently, the annual report never made it to Marshall’s office — and Hudson’s company was “administratively dissolved.”

During the 2012 congressional primary, Hudson’s opponents alleged that the corporation was merely a sham to distract from his lengthy career as a paid political hack to various GOP politicians.  (Hudson had significantly less private sector experience than the Democrat incumbent he was trying to unseat.)  National Democrats also picked up on this theme.   Hudson’s campaign played up the candidate’s affiliation with Cabarrus Marketing on web sites and other campaign material.