Some sanity amid the debt ceiling hysteria …

El Rushbo appears to be THE ONLY ONE out there making sense on this debt ceiling debate:

The Republican leadership is operating out of fear.  I want you to think, to transfer that to your personal life, and I want to ask you to consider:  Whenever you do anything out of fear, how does it turn out?  Doing anything from the perspective of fear is disastrous, or potentially so.  And that has been the position of the Republican leadership and the inside-the-Beltway so-called conservative media.  Fear.  Fear of being blamed, primarily.  But fear of other things.  The age-old fears, the fears rooted in the mentality of being consistent, constant losers.Remember the Republicans won the control of the House of Representatives in 1994 for the first time in 40 years, and one of the biggest problems they faced was they had 40 years of being in the minority as their mindset.  It was hard within a matter of days to start acting like winners.  They never had been.  It’s like the person who loses a tremendous amount of weight stills feel fat.  It’s just what you get conditioned to.  You stop and look at yourself in the mirror every time you see a mirror, just to confirm that you actually have lost weight, because you don’t believe it.  The same thing with people who are consistent losers, and Ray LaHood yesterday citing we need to go back to Bob Michel was a classic example.  We’ve got to go back to being full-time losers, that’s our place in Washington.  Well, you don’t accept that, and I don’t accept it.

You have not accepted it and you’ve let it be known that you will not accept a loser attitude and a loser mentality among our leadership in Washington.  How in the world can we look at ourselves as losers with this man, Barack Obama, as president?  This man is on his back.  He is on his last legs.  The gross domestic product of this country is 1.3 percent.  We are living in a manmade disaster, personally made by Barack Obama.  There is no reason to compromise with people who have not offered any substantive ideas of their own.  There is no reason to continue to act like losers, particularly coming off the November elections, when we were landslide winners.

Winners do not compromise.  Winners do not compromise with themselves.  The winners who do compromise are winners who still don’t believe in themselves as winners, who still think of themselves as losers.  And you and I are finished with supporting people who think of themselves as losers, or in the minority, or we don’t have the power, or we don’t control all three branches, or what have you.  I wish Barack Obama would give a speech every day.  I don’t believe the news reports that say Obama’s losing sleep.  I don’t believe that.  I don’t believe his hair’s getting gray.  I think they’re putting flour in it every day to make it look like it’s getting grayer or whatever the makeup trick is.This man has taken our country to the brink.  The gross domestic product, the growth numbers today, my friends, are unacceptable.  It is a shame and it is an embarrassment.  The ChiCom economy is growing at 94 percent.  We’re being outperformed by a communist country.  There’s no excuse for this.  This should not be our new norm, and there is no way that we ought to be compromising with the architect of the disaster that has befallen our country.  On what basis is Barack Obama viewed as a leader?  On what basis is Barack Obama viewed as even a winner?  He and his party were shellacked in the November elections.

Exactly.  We now have $14 trillion in debt.  How would it make our country stronger to knock that debt up to $17 trillion?  Seriously. 

If there is no agreement on the debt ceiling by August 2, the world will not end, despite what The Left and their sycophants in the allegedly mainstream media tell us.  The politicians would have to make hard choices — like the rest of us do when money in our personal budgets gets tight.  The politicians would have to decide what to pay for, and what not to pay.   Obama and his allies are trying to scare old people by claiming social security checks won’t get sent out, and the rest of us by claiming soldiers won’t get paid.  That will only be the case if Obama decides to make it so.  Our Dear Leader will have to decide if paying our soldiers is more important than subsidizing Planned Parenthood or shipping foreign aid funds off to the UN or Bangladesh.

Rush compared this debt ceiling debate with the rules of the board game Monopoly.  In the game, if you have obligations and are out of money, you HAVE to sell off properties to get money to pay those obligations.  You have to thin out your holdings to create some capital.  You have to make tough choices.  To the folks in DC, I say: welcome to the real world.  We’ve been making tough choices with our money for a long time. Come join the fun.

The “get something done” mentality has infected far too many Republicans on Capitol Hill.  Voters sent a whole bunch of new conservatives to Washington with a very specific agenda:  cut spending, cut taxes, and get our economic house back in order.  That agenda said nothing about “getting something done” and cutting a deal with Harry Reid and Barack Hussein Obama.

 If the congressional Republicans cave here, and “get something done”, they will erode whatever remains of the goodwill they earned in November.  If they cave in and compromise with Obama, many of them will likely join us, our friends and neighbors, in the unemployment lines out here in the real world.