RNC will continue to back congressional GOPers who voted to impeach Trump



I figured out what a nightmare the RNC / NRCC / NRSC was waaaaaaaaaaay back in the late 80s.  (I had been a front-lines soldier for the 1988 Bush campaign.  In 1992,  I was aiding and abetting Pat Buchanan’s primary challenge to Bush.). These people would fund an actual skunk if it had an ‘R’ painted on it.


People who screw over the party on big votes STILL get the RNC’s cash.   People who basically ignore the GOP platform get the RNC’s cash.  Here’s the latest:


Rep. Darin LaHood, a vocal ally of Donald Trump, said Thursday that the campaign arm of House Republicans won’t seek to punish members of the conference who supported impeaching the former president.[…]


LaHood has his House seat because his daddy — A “Republican” who held the seat previously —  QUIT to go join Obama’s cabinet.  (A family of RINOs!)





[…] The Illinois Republican was named finance chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee on Wednesday, just as the organization unveiled its strategy for retaking the House after the party made a surprisingly strong showing in the 2020 election.

Capturing the chamber in 2022, LaHood said in a phone interview, is a prize worth more than threatening to starve fellow Republicans of precious campaign cash.[…] 


These are the SAME people who said they would not give any support whatsoever to a Trump comeback effort. And didn’t they float the idea of cutting off Georgia’s Marjorie Greene?   MORE:

[…] He said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and NRCC Chair Tom Emmer asked him to step into the role, “and I’m proud to be working with both of them and the rest of our team, including [Reps.] Liz Cheney and Steve Scalise.”

Still, LaHood said he has not talked to Kinzinger — who has started a PAC to combat Trumpism in the GOP and has regularly denounced the former president since the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol — and largely avoided discussing his fellow Illinois Republican. The NRCC also has a longstanding policy of staying out of primaries and just backing whoever Republican voters choose for the general election.[…]

Now,  THAT is a big ol’ honkin’ shameful LIE. (Of course,  they MAY have the policy on the books.  They just ignore it  A  LOT. )  They were all in the middle of the Joan Perry-Greg Murphy primary runoff for the 3rd congressional district.


“The NRCC’s stance has not changed,” committee spokesperson Michael McAdams said in a email. “We support our members in general elections and do not get involved in primaries.We look forward to building on last cycle’s successes and retaking the majority.”[…]

Still lying.  Besides Joan Perry,  they also got in the middle of BOTH of Thom Tillis’s primary races.   MORE:

[…] But for now, he said, he’s focused on raising money for the GOP. The congressman is a skilled fundraiser, with more than $3.5 million in the bank — a considerable sum for a Republican in a deep blue state. He also hosted the NRCC’s 2019 spring dinner, the biggest annual fundraiser for the organization.

“The fact that we didn’t lose one incumbent [in 2020] is pretty incredible, and then to pick up all the seats that we did, so our job at the NRCC is to protect our incumbents, and the money we help raise will go to that,” LaHood said.[…]

The Democrats take anyone who breaks from the party line and drag them into an alley for a beating they won’t forget.   The Republicans give their “rebels” cash.