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#hayesscandal: Speaker Timmy, Chairman Costanza, & Berger also huddled with Lindberg. (Timmy & Wayne got some $$$. Phil, apparently, did not.)

  Insurance commissioner Mike Causey has hinted that more indictments are likely on the way in this mess.  Could some new drive by media reporting be pointing us in the direction of where this case goes next?:   Top Republican legislative leaders met repeatedly with…

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#hayesscandal: Hudson, McHenry, Budd may no longer have Lindberg cash, but they may have still benefited from it

    Apparently, indicted businessman Eric Lindberg’s cash got around DC too:   Three North Carolina congressmen say they’re giving up political contributions they received from a big donor charged in federal indictments with trying to bribe the state’s insurance commissioner.   Spokesmen for U.S….

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#hayesscandal: Indicted party boss STILL holds a lot of power

    Never mind that federal authorities have slapped him with FIVE — count ’em — FIVE criminal indictments.  Robin Hayes is still in a position to heavily influence the near future of the North Carolina Republican Party.   Despite drive by media reports that…

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Campaign 2019 advertising special !!!

  Election day is quickly approaching in the Ninth and Third district special elections for Congress.  A lot of folks are not-so-subtly trying to promote their candidates in the comments section on our site.  (It often doesn’t matter if the post actually has anything to…

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#hayesscandal: How to earn yourself a primary challenger

  With the 2016 downfall of Pat McCrory, Dan Forest was thrust into the spotlight as the NCGOP’s top statewide dog. It was like being called up from the farm team to the major leagues.   Prior to that, for Forest, it was nice and…

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#hayesscandal: Did NCGOP $$$ finance (alleged) criminal activity?

  The indictment documents against state Republican Party chairman Robin Hayes and three others specifically mention meetings among the alleged conspirators at the Statesville Airport (“on or about March 5, 2018”) and at the Concord Regional Airport (“on or about February 14, 2018”, top of…

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#hayesscandal: Did the NCGOP PAY for an out-and-out LIE?

  Look at what hit certain mailboxes across the state — dated the same day as the Robin Hayes et. al.  federal indictments.      (Click on the link above  to view the actual documents. Zoom in to read page 2.)  It’s a letter from Robin…

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NC-09: congressional candidate forum in Fayetteville on Monday

  Okay,  this is short notice.  But here we go:     Here’s the website (along with directions) for the venue.  If you can go — GO.  Make sure your vote is an informed one.

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#hayesscandal: Canceled. Surprised? (not here)

  Look what popped up on Twitter a little while ago:     I pegged it.  Right on the money.  These people are going to bury their heads in the sand and not do one doggone thing.   Oh, they might figure out some way…

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NC-03: congressional candidate forum Tuesday in Currituck

  Here are the details:   The Republican parties of Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Pasquotank, and Perquimans  counties are hosting a joint public forum featuring 15 of the 17 candidates running in North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District Special Election Republican Primary. The forum will take…