Home Alone: ‘Big Mark’ to mind the house while The Guv flies THE ‘COOP’

Hopefully, nothing math-related will come up while ‘Big Mark’ is in charge:

L.t Gov. Mark Robinson announced a mystery event, to be held Thursday, where he’ll serve as acting governor of North Carolina.

But the real mystery might be: who’s actually in charge?

Gov. Roy Cooper is in Japan until Sunday with a North Carolina delegation for an economic development conference. He’s there to recruit new businesses and to encourage industry leaders to attend the conference next year, when it’ll be held in Charlotte. […]

THIS, right here — Gov. Doofus going to Japan — is what my Uncle Max would call a BIG @#$%$# waste of money.  How about staying right here and easing up on things so the home folks can possibly afford to keep their doors OPEN and possibly afford to start something new?   Pouring all of that state money into that Vietnamese electric car company sure has worked well, eh?


[…] Under the state constitution, Robinson becomes acting governor while Cooper is out of state.

But Cooper’s trip announcement said Cooper will “continue to direct state business” while traveling.

Cooper spokesman Ford Porter declined to comment. In the past, he’s said the arrangement could be “muddy.” […]

This whole discussion kind of reminds me of this never-ending debate between

Michael and Dwight in  “The Office.”

Actually, let ‘Big Mike’ borrow the keys for a while.  How could things get much worse?


[…] “I think the governor remains the governor, while clearly there are some shades of gray with the constitution language,” Porter told WRAL last year after Cooper left the state to attend the NCAA men’s Final Four basketball tournament.

The Japan trip, a rare overseas venture for the governor, is intended to build upon the state’s partnership with Japan. Already, Toyota is in the process of building a factory near Greensboro to make electric car batteries.

But Cooper’s whereabouts are of particular interest for other reasons, given the players in state executive offices

For most of state history, the people serving as governor and lieutenant governor have been members of the same party. But that is very much not the case now. […]

Robinson hasn’t exercised gubernatorial powers while Cooper has left the state in the past, but there are concerns among Democrats about what could happen if he does.

It’s unclear what Robinson plans to do at the event Thursday morning at the state legislative building. John Waugh, a Robinson spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a request for additional information beyond a short announcement that described it as “a special event.”[…]

Special event, eh?  My money is on Dayson unveiling some new dance moves.

By the way, ANY of you drive-bys in the vicinity of that ‘special event’ are welcome to ask ‘Big Mark’ about Balanced Nutrition AND / OR  Precious Beginnings.  

Oh, he’ll get mad.  You might lose some, um, ‘access.’  But you’ll score a few public service points for your efforts.

Josh Stein and the gang will be talking about those two things after March if ‘Big Mark’ won’t talk about them NOW.