Republicans. For. Ukraine.

Apparently, there are a lot of Republican folks who think we need to throw even more of that Monopoly money-that-we-don’t-have into that black hole called The Ukraine.  If you weren’t aware, Russia and Ukraine –home bases for two of the biggest, most murderous organized crime syndicates in the world — are at war.  Washington has been dumping all kinds of money into that nightmare.  Of course, there are no safeguards to make sure it actually goes where it was meant to go. No audits to ensure the mafia types aren’t latching onto it and using it for their own nefarious means, or selling it off for their own gain.  

Some MAGA-friendly pols in our capital city have actually tried to reduce the flow of our Monopoly money — or even cut it off altogether — into that Eastern European fiasco.

Some RINOs have formed a lobbying group called Republicans for Ukraine to keep the DC cash spigot wide open. They’ve even put out a ‘report card’ to ‘grade’ US House members on how Ukraine-friendly they are.  This is one report card you definitely want a ‘bad’ grade on.

It appears Dan Bishop has been the only sensible one from North Carolina on this issue. (But he’s leaving.)

But Foxx, Rouzer, Hudson and McHenry have had their noses right up leadership’s (and the DC establishment’s) posteriors AS EXPECTED.