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#hayesscandal : Um, The RNC to the (*SIGH*) rescue?

    Two guys who played a big part in bringing The North Carolina Republican Party to its current state of disaster are apparently intimating JUST THAT: […] “What you saw in North Carolina 9 is very different than what we’ve seen reported this week….

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#hayesscandal: Still swimming in DENIAL

  Seeing his future employment prospects grow dimmer by the moment, Dallas Woodhouse is puffing up his chest and talking tough:   […] The executive director handles the day-to-day operations of the party staff. Woodhouse said the office is already moving on from Hayes’ indictment….

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#hayesscandal: Robin’s “appointed chairman” to run for NCGOP vice-chairman ???

  We understand communications are circulating among NCGOP activists improperly identifying 11th district chairman Aubrey Woodard — Robin Hayes’s pick to “act” as party chairman — as “appointed chairman”.  These same communications are hinting that Woodard will be a candidate for party vice-chairman at the…

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#hayesscandal: Dallas’s turn on THE HOT SEAT?

  The top governing committee of the NCGOP is convening to talk about, among other things, the future of Dallas Woodhouse’s relationship with the party:   A key group of North Carolina Republicans will meet Sunday to plot the state party’s path forward after the…

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#hayesscandal: Were previous NCGOP wire transfers also tied to Lindberg-Hayes affair?

  We reported earlier on how weird it was that Mike Causey received $240,000 from the NCGOP at a time when he wasn’t even on the ballot.  Now, we know why that happened.     Also in 2018, we reported on unusual money transfers from…

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#hayesscandal: Did conspirators already have mole in place @ NC DOI pre-Causey bribe attempt?

  The wording of the indictment  (start on page 7 and read through section 43 on page 9) would  appear to suggest that :       So, the plan — reportedly –was for Causey to hire Lindberg employee and former Chatham County GOP chairman…

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The Case of the sheriff who WASN’T really there.

  Apparently, Columbus County elected a sheriff in 2018 who doesn’t really live in the county he now serves.  And that’s a BIG FAT legal problem: […] After two days of testimony and a trip to Cerro Gordo, the Columbus County Board of Elections has…

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#hayesscandal : Michele Nix says Hayes MUST GO

  What started off four years ago as a Tea Party-inspired race for a top NCGOP post has evolved into a resignation steeped in frustration and bitterness.  (And a run for the Third District’s GOP nomination for US House.)     Michele Nix, in a…

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#hayesscandal: Lt. Dan speaks up

  McClatchy got Lt. Gov. Dan Forest — the GOP frontrunner for governor in 2020 — to speak up on this week’s indictments and his relationship with donor Eric Lindberg:   […] From 2016 to 2018, Lindberg donated just over $7.5 million to both super…

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#hayesscandal: Dallas met with grand jury in December

  At least THAT is what he told McClatchy’s man in DC:   How does he know he’s not a target?  You usually don’t get told such things. I STILL want to know WHO, representing the party, emailed the screen shot of the wire transfer…