Speaking of misleading voters …

We’re all getting a graduate-level education on the disasters we reap when we tolerate politicians telling us ONE THING at campaign time and doing THE OPPOSITE when they get into / back into office.  We’re seeing lots of examples in both DC and in Raleigh. Unfortunately, the same dishonesty is apparently rearing its ugly head at the local level.

I don’t know about you, but being told I’m going to get less government spending, less sleaze, and a roll-back of the leftist agenda and then being bludgeoned with a whole lot more of THAT, gives me quite a wicked case of heartburn. 

Here in Moore County, we’re getting quite an education on Open Meetings Laws and things that are done to violate them (or potentially violate them).  It appears the Village of Pinehurst is finding itself in the middle of a costly, no-win lawsuit over apparent violations of state Open Meetings Laws.  The record appears to show that three village council members met privately, via government-owned email, with village employees to plot out political dirty tricks against two other village council members. 

Also in Moore County, we’ve got some drama with our board of education.  Just last year, we elected a MAGA-oriented majority that campaigned on restraining the public school bureaucrats and their out-of-control spending and social experimentation.  Taxpayers thought they had achieved a true victory with the school board takeover.

Since that apparent electoral victory, the group we installed has turned everything on its head.  They black-balled board member David Hensley, the clear brains of the outfit, and decided to fully embrace the agenda of the public schools central office.  Just like the folks they defeated / ran off had done. 

Hensley is not sitting back and taking all of this quietly. He’s telling the whole tale of the board’s new direction, now led by former Hensley ally Bob Levy.  Apparently,  according to Hensley, Levy doesn’t have much respect for the state Open Meetings Law either.  You can get the full inside report by following Hensley on Facebook:

I STILL stand by my previously-stated position that this Band of Five needs to be fired post-haste.  (Frankly, they should consider resigning in disgrace.) NONE of them would be in office today if they had not led voters to believe they would spearhead a radical change-of-direction at the school system’s central office.  Apparently, they have realized it’s easier to just go-along and get-along.  

*All of those acronyms and spreadsheets are just soooooo confusing.  And those workers seem to know what they’re talking about, eh?  And The Pilot is so much nicer to us when we do what the central office wants, right? (Maybe they’ll give Levy his column back.) *

Their main job is to be the eyes-and-ears of the taxpayers NOT to enable and rubber-stamp career money-gobbling bureaucrats. Remember the faces in the photo up above.  Remember the names:  Ken Benway, Robert Levy, Shannon Davis, Pauline Bruno, and Philip Holmes.  The next time you see any of those names on a ballot, vote against them with passionwith a vengeance.

I’ve heard from some people who seriously believe that having an (R) next to your name signifies some kind of insurance of integrity.  Really?  Are you telling me you completely trust EVERYONE on your county’s list of registered Republicans?  *Has a registered Republican EVER spent a night or more in your county jail?*

Folks who have been in Moore County a while should remember the late former state Rep. Richard Morgan.  *Which party was he registered with? *

The measure of someone’s trustworthiness should run much deeper than their party registration.