Omnibus? More like Omni-BUST!

capitolI went back in the Google time machine and found some comments from GOP leaders shortly after the Tea Party put them back in charge of the US House of Representatives:

[…] “It’s still just me,” Boehner joked at the top of his remarks, before promising to cut Congress’ budget and institute a more open process in the House.

“No longer can we fall short. No longer can we kick the can down the road,” Boehner said. “The people voted to end business as usual, and today we begin to carry out their instructions.”[…]

“I think you could sum up what our new majority is going to be about by saying it is a ‘cut and grow’ majority,” said Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, who takes up the mantle of majority leader today. “We are going to be about cutting spending and cutting the job-killing regulations that this administration has been about over the last two years.”[…]

Let’s fast forward to this week where a still GOP-controlled House passed a $1.1 TRILLION omnibus spending bill by a 359-67 margin.  That group of 67 included only THREE North Carolinians with any sort of spine / courage / etc. : Mike McIntyre, Mark Meadows and George Holding.  (Walter Jones did not vote.)  Duncan and Sanford were the only TWO South Carolinians in that group of 67.  (Everyone had their panties in a wad about Mark Sanford coming back to the House.  But the guy sure has voted RIGHT since getting back to DC.) 

The bill was 1,582 pages long, and the members only had 48 hours to digest its contents.  Mark Meadows said he didn’t read the whole thing, but said he saw enough in what he read to decide he wasn’t voting for it. 

This legislative monstrosity funds ObamaCare and continues advertising for food stamps IN MEXICO.   Arizona congressman Paul Gosar (R), an opponent of the spending bill, tossed in his two cents:

Gosar, one of the GOP members who opposed the bill, said in a statement that he voted against the “massive spending bill” for a number of reasons, including that the bill:

…undermines the sound fiscal cuts we implemented in 2011 by increasing overall spending above 2014 sequester levels. I was sent to Congress to cut spending and work toward a balanced budget, not increase spending and balloon our national debt.

Second, this bill was conceived in a flawed process, which exemplifies dysfunctional Washington. This massive 1,582 page bill was written behind closed doors. There was no open debate. No amendments were allowed. We were given a measly 48 hours to read and digest its 1,582 pages. It is irresponsible to vote on enormous bills no one had time to read. When it comes to rushing bills through Congress, ObamaCare taught us an important lesson: we must demand time to air out legislation and have a conversation with the people who elected us. […]

Wait.  Didn’t Mr. Boehner promise a “more open process” in the House?  Hold on.  It gets “better”:

[… Raul] Labrador, another conservative who voted against the bill, said, “Once again, Congress is kicking the can down the road, refusing to make the tough choices that are necessary to put our fiscal house in order and prevent a future debt crisis. The Omnibus is Washington at its worst – a 1,582 page bill stuffed with pork, ineffective programs and giveaways, being rushed through Congress without proper review.” […]

Wait.  DIDN’T Mr. Boehner promise there would be no more kicking the can down the road?

Folks, we got played in 2010. We’re still getting played.  If you’re serious about saving this country, you’ve got to educate yourself on the issues.  Stop voting based on how nice a politician was to your children, or the size of the government check they handed to you.  Stop getting fooled by the consultant-scripted ads and the stupid, somnambulant, lazy, transcribing mainstream media.  Do your homework.  Compare politician statements to their voting records.  Gain an understanding of just how these monstrosities cobbled together in Raleigh, Columbia and DC will affect you, your family, your business, your state and your country. It’s up to us.

9 thoughts on “Omnibus? More like Omni-BUST!

  1. Ugh – I agree. It’s pretty disgusting the things they assume (rightly or wrongly) they can get away with without consequences.

    I always remember this kind of thing when I start hearing those calls around election time to hold my nose and vote for politicians because “at least they arent a Democrat” and (more recently) “dont waste time with any kind of ‘purity test’ – we probably agree on 80% of stuff anyway”….

    Cause quite often it feels like that 20% I disagree on ends up being just “principles”… things like shrinking government’s size, spending and influence, or upholding the rule of law. *sigh* Many of our pols give big lip service to that, but have no actual interest in it.

    We’ve got (and had for a long while) a ruling party of big government – Its membership includes the Democrat party and a big heaping helping of the GOP. The “least” I can do is not support it or vote for it anymore, cause frankly, we dont really win anything by helping putting such untrustworthy liars and crooks in office, regardless of whether they have an R or D next to their name 🙂

    I agree – do your homework and dont be fooled by the hype, big smiles, and flashy lights.

      1. Spot on! And we need to get out and work for those candidates who share our principles and make contributions to them.

  2. The big problem is the pack of phonies we have in the GOP leadership in both houses. Fortunately the top leaders of the the House and Senate have to face conservatives in primaries. We need to send the conservative challengers money to take these two-faced weasels out in their primaries, and we need to tell our own Congresscritters from our own districts that unless they vote for new, more conservative, more dynamic leadership in Washington, they cannot count on us in their reelection. We need to hold their feet to the fire.

    Both McConnell and his team in the Senate and Boehner and his team in the House have made no bones about the fact that they have declared a War on Conservatives, both in the primaries and in legislation. We need a fight back to win that war for conservatives and eliminate the treacherous establishment phonies at the top.

    The article above shows what conservatives face in the House. This site shows what we face in the Senate:

  3. Government is the only institution that can take $10 from you everyday and give you a $2,500 check once a year and make you think they are helping you.

    Thanks for the reflective comparison.

  4. I would go so far as to say that 2014 could/should be a 1-issue election…..the immigration issue is paramount because it is, in reality, EVERY ISSUE.

    All one has to do is carefully examine an incumbent or challenger’s position on amnesty/legalization of illegal aliens together with whether they support massively increasing legal immigration (even skilled immigration) and the number of guest workers.

    Constitutional conservatives reject this as an all-out assault on U.S. sovereignty and thereby our constitutional republican form of government, as well as a means to devastate American workers, citizens and the middle class.

    Any candidate who supports this is aligning themselves with globalist internationalist and multinational corporate interests, not the interests of Americans and their constituents. On the other hand, those who reject this agenda usually tend to take the constitutional position on other issues as well.

    So, this issue alone tends to reveal Rs who are constitutional conservatives vs progressives.

    1. I quite agree. NO conservative should even consider voting for a candidate who is pro-amnesty (as Tilli$ is). If they will sell us out on amnesty, they will sell their own mothers.

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