#NCSEN Speaker Thom speaks on taxes, immigration




So far, during this primary campaign, you’ve had to (a) friend Speaker Thom on Facebook or (b) attend a high-dollar fundraiser to hear state House speaker Thom Tillis comment on the issues.  We’re changing things up, thanks to the wonders of email:


So, a tax increase would be OK if it were proposed by Republicans in a GOP-dominated chamber?  How does that wash with the NCGOP and GOP platforms?   Wait.  There’s more:


OK. How does that view on immigration wash with Speaker Thom’s take on the McCrory vetoes he helped override? 


6 thoughts on “#NCSEN Speaker Thom speaks on taxes, immigration

  1. What weasel words. Soon, he will be telling us something like ”it depends on what ‘is’ is”

    Leading the campaign to gut e-Verify in North Carolina showed exactly where Thom ”Turncoat” Tilis is on immigration issues, as does his unsuccessful (so far) attempt to get drivers licenses to illegals.

    And then we have his words to Big Ag on immigration where he came out of the closet in support of amnesty.

  2. ugh… that just further cements my “no way I’ll ever vote for that guy” view. That he couldnt even say “nope, I wouldnt have voted for the Senate bill because it contained a path to citizenship which is essentially amnesty”… is a “bad thing”.

    Gutting E-verify for businesses, so they can continue to cheat? No thanks.

    When I see him write “no amnesty” – but then see the ambiguous tone of the rest, and then recall all his other slippery public statements… I have to wonder – how exactly does he define “amnesty”? Because I remember a lot of sanctimonious GOP establishment politicians who supported the “comprehensive” deal came out and tried to argue that “Hey, this is a really “tough” path to citizenship, so it’s not really “amnesty” at all”.

    That looks like the place he’s trying to position himself in… so, no thanks.

    Also… I dont get the strong pull many have with “border security”… it seems to me to be the wrong place to focus and requires way too many resources for whatcha get…just too little bang for the buck *shrug*. I’m all for “secure” as we can reasonably get… but the real roadblock should be in making it as tough as possible to live and work here “under the radar”.

    Also, on that drug-testing issue… I totally supported the idea… but the watered down thing they came out with was just a sad thing… mostly useless, too discretionary, ripe for abuse… they took a good idea and wrecked it pretty good.

    Anyway… Tillis seems very much in line with the amnesty pathway folks, so another reason he’s just a total non-starter for me.

    Thanks for the info though 🙂

    1. All you have to do is know who is backing Tillis to know his true position on amnesty and immigration. Rove screams “Open the borders!” and Tillis asks “How wide?”

      Amnesty and massive increases in future immigration. This is what the globalists want. You can kiss US. sovereignty goodbye forever.

  3. Hey Brant,

    the next time you talk to Tillis, tell him I said thank you for raising my taxes, I’ll be moving to Florida or Texas within the next couple years, two states where the Republicans actually behave like True Conservative Republicans.

  4. Please ask Tillis to attend a candidate forum and take open questions from citizens. If he’s unwilling to directly answer questions, he has no right to represent us in the Senate.

    Alternatively, I and I’m sure others would be happy to pose questions for him HERE.

  5. When you deal with slippery weasels like Tilli$, you have to remember that they use terms in an Orwellian sense. Thus the Amnesty Gangsters in the Gang of 8 tell us that their bill is not amnesty, though it most assuredly is amnesty.

    When Tilli$’ supporter Sen. Lindsay Graham (RINO-SC), an Amnesty Gangster says that the Senate ”Comprehensive Immigration BIll” is not amnesty, it is laughable because it is big time amnesty. Tilli$ claiming he is not for amnesty uses the term the same way. George Orwell and Machiavelli would be proud!

    You have to question these shysters with their own terminology. Ask Tilli$ if he is for a ”pathway to citizenship”. In normal people’s vision, that is exactly the same thing as amnesty.

    Tilli$ is playing with words, using Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio’s distorted meanings to try to pull the wool over voters eyes.

    Tilli$ clearly limits who he wants to deport to the ”worst actors”. What does he want to do with the rest of them if he is not going to send them home?

    Tilli$ is Lindsay Graham’s boy. One Lindsay Graham is one too many. We do not need another other one from NC.

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