#NCSEN: Burr says Muslim immigration ban ‘a huge mistake’

burrThe guy who once told us defunding ObamaCare was “the dumbest idea [he’d] ever heard” is expressing similar sentiments about clamping down on immigration to the U.S. as part of the war on terror:


Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that the move could damage vital alliances in the region.
“I think this sends the wrong message to people that have to be part of our partnership for a solution,” Burr said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“Yes, it does serve as fuel [for recruitment].”

He argued that many Muslims have served as interpreters in Iraq and Afghanistan and have lost their lives or been injured while working alongside U.S. troops.

Only three countries have participated in all five of the last coalition battles around the world, Burr said, one being the United Arab Emirates.

“How do you tell the Bahrani pilots that fly, the Saudi pilots that fly, the Emirati pilots you’re good enough to fight against ISIL but you’re not good enough to come to the United States?” Burr asked, using an alternate acronym for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).Br3_We_CcAAOEBQ

But Burr said he is more concerned about the radicalization of those who are already in the United States, adding that Trump’s comments will ramp up those tensions.

THIS is some of the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard.  The feds are allowing next-to-no scrutiny of people coming to the US from Muslim countries.  People from Muslim countries are the ones most likely to strap bombs to themselves and detonate them in crowded places.

DC won’t let us guard our southern border. They won’t even allow the border states protect their own southern borders from drug trafficking, human trafficking, and god-knows-who-or-what-else. 

It’s amazing we’re getting this guy shoved down our throats for six more years.  Fortunately, we DO have two other choices in the primary:  Larry Holmquist and Paul Wright.  (Go visit with our friends at Google regarding those two.) 


9 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Burr says Muslim immigration ban ‘a huge mistake’

  1. One more reason not to vote for Tricky Dick. I highly doubt that the American people would be concerned with the pilot who has been integral to helping us coming to the US. These people (assuming they would actually want to emigrate) are likely documented. The real concern are the un-vetted masses knocking at the door. I doubt it would damage relations if we kept out the potential terrorists…unless those “allies” are just wanting to send their terrorists and welfare recipients to another country to take care of.

  2. If you like Muslim immigration, you will love Richard Burr.

    The real big mistake would be renominating this liberal establishment hack. He has been in Washington far too long.

  3. Burr is a poster boy for Term Limits. His brain has been Democratted, too long on Capitol Hill to recognize and solve real problems, and now he is completely detached from reality. No doubt he sees the North Carolina grassroots as much greater a security threat than the jihadis being planted across the country to their mentor Barack Hussein Obama. Where will Thom come down on this topic, I wonder?

  4. Burr is a fraud and not even worthy of being an appliance salesman because who would believe anything out of his mouth.? If one looks at Burr’$ website he claims to be about Conservatism. False advertising to say the least. Any party chairman or The NCgOpe who would indorse the liberal Burr should resign!

  5. Burr is just illustrating one of the reasons that he ran third out of three in the statewide Tea Party multi-site caucus straw poll for US Senate.

  6. I am baffled as to how Burr can be Chairman of the I ntelligence C ommittee, when he apparently has none. Yes, let’s have a ban on Muslim immigration. We can always legislate exceptions for worthy Muslims.

  7. Congress passed a law in 1952 giving the president the right to freeze immigration from war torn countries. the last time I looked we have this problem in the Middle east even if our own country were the perpetrators in this situation. Wake up America. Our government are evil pricks.

  8. I’m not a supporter or fan of Trump’s “ban Muslims” knee-jerk call…. but I do think both Cruz and Rand Paul each produced well thought out, reasoned, rational approaches , based not in religious fear, but actual national security fact. Both were excellent responses to these serious and true threats.

    Burr voted against one, and I’m pretty sure he’s not onboard with the other.

    Once again, Burr shows clearly why I’ve no use for him.

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