#ncga: A RINO retreats

RINO123It appears that the bearded RINO will not be lumbering around the North Carolina Senate chamber in 2016 after all.  We wrote earlier about how, um, *classy* it is to file for reelection while you’re under investigation by state and federal prosecutors. 

Reality must have set in for Cabarrus County’s Fletcher Hartsell.  The county board of elections confirmed that Hartsell had withdrawn from the senate race late Wednesday evening, citing that tried and true reason of wanting “to spend more time with the family” — typically synonymous with trying to save oneself from scandal.  (On the other hand, I guess rooming with Paul Shumaker CAN get kind of old.) 

It looks like Parish Moffit might want to start learning the lay of the land in Raleigh.  Hopefully, he’ll learn from the Hartsell precedent about what NOT to do when the voters send you to the General Assembly.

Moffit is supported by Cabarrus County Tea Partiers.  So, trading Hartsell for Moffit should increase the conservative flavor of the upper chamber.