#ncgop: MORE Dallas mischief?

Holy cow.  I am starting to believe Dallas Woodhouse and Curtis Watkins may be taking political strategy advice from the same person.  (Yet, Watkins had the decency to step down.  Dallas is STILL employed at state party headquarters.) 

judgeWe’ve all heard about the hubbub regarding Senator Burr and state party HQ’s email and letter.  Well, it appears there is even more mischievous meddling going down in that building on Hillsborough Street.

A well-placed Raleigh politico has informed me about some behind-the-scenes wheeling-and-dealing going on in regard to a potential challenge to NC Court of Appeals Judge Linda Stephens (D).  Conservative attorney Jeanette Doran (R) has been exploring a run against Stephens.

A poll was conducted regarding that matchup, showing Doran leading Stephens 52 percent to 48 percent.  NCGOP staff are aware of said poll, I am told.  I am also told they are aware of polling showing Phil Berger, Jr. — son of HIM, former congressional candidate, former Rockingham district attorney and current (appointed) administrative law judge — losing in a matchup against Stephens.

Yet, sources tell me NCGOP operatives are trying to force Doran out of the race — clearing the primary field for Berger, Jr.   (I am told Berger, Jr. will file for the race on Thursday December 17.) 

Meanwhile, the party has NO candidate against state auditor Beth Wood (D), and a bunch of incumbent Democrat state legislators.  

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    1. so is this story accurate ? since you totally ignored the accusations one could only gather the story is accurate ?

  1. Everything this guy does is unethical and against the State Plan of Organization. Meddling in a primary? This time a judicial race. He’s done it again!
    Dallas is not helping the NCGOP image, is he? No integrity…..he’s GOT to go!

  2. The Executive Director should not be a lightning rod in the party, but that is exactly what Dallas Woodhouse has become. ED’s are usually guys who work quietly in the background to make sure all the detail work gets done, and are not controversial. Woodhouse, with the Central Committee’s blessing, seems to view himself as the de facto chairman, and that is extremely unhealthy for the party.

    It would appear that after he ran those opposition polls against GOP Senate leaders earlier this year, Woodhouse is trying to make up to Phil Berger by promoting his son. That is a personal power move, not something for the benefit of the party.

    When we already have a candidate ready to go in a race, pushing another one IS interfering in a primary. Woodhouse badly needs to go.

    1. It’s worse than that because it also shows that the concept of vetting a candidate has gone out the window at 1506 Hillsborough Street. Phil Berger, Jr?! What are they thinking? There are good reasons why the Republicans of the 6th District roundly rejected him for Congress. Even his home county of Rockingham dropped him like a hot rock in the July run-off.

    1. What specifically is inaccurate? This is a great opportunity to correct the record (if it needs it). Are you — or any other NCGOP employee / official — trying to force Ms. Doran out of filing?

  3. Dallas does not understand conservatives nor does he understand why Trump is leading in the polls. People are sick of the Rinos who make all these promises and do the opposite. He believes, like Burr, that they can slap conservatives in the face everyday and we will vote for them, regardless. I got some news for you Dallas it ain’t happening this time. You RINOS are poissonous to this once honorable party! And, where the heck is Hassan during all this?

    1. Look at that awful budget plan that Paul Ryan is trying to ram down our throats. He has totally sold out to Obama, Pelosi, and the special interests. There is not a darn thing in there for the American citizens. The whole plan screws American citizens. And these RINO sellouts wonder why the GOP base is furious with them?

      Any ”Republican” Congressman or Senator who votes for the Ryan budget plan should be shunned by GOP voters, both in the primary and in the general. They are worse than useless.

      1. Here are the good guys and bad guys from NC on that massively big spending and Obama enabling Omnibus:

        GOOD GUYS (voted against Omnibus)
        Walter Jones
        Mark Meadows
        Mark Walker
        George Holding
        Richard Hudson

        most of the SC GOP Congressmen also voted against Omnibus

        BAD GUYS (voted for Obama boondoggle Omnibus)
        Renee Ellmers
        Virginia Foxx
        Patrick McHenry
        Robert Pittenger
        David Rouzer

        As can be seen, we have some folks we need to replace in the primary.

        The Senate remains to be seen, and the cloture vote will be critical.

        1. Let us remember that some of those “good guys” likely voted as they did ONCE they and the leadership were sure their votes wouldn’t be needed, moreover, they probably DID vote “aye” on the initial procedural vote. Most of all, however, they voted for Paul Ryan for Speaker and so they own everything that passes the House, regardless of how they vote.

          1. You are right that we do need to look at more than one vote, although this was one of the key ones.

            Walter Jones is one of the few who seems to vote the right way on just about everything, including against Paul Ryan, and on the procedural votes. Mark Meadows probably comes next.

            Those who voted wrong on this are absolutely hopeless and need to be defeated.

  4. Since some of you were concerned about our recruiting efforts falling short on Council of State, I just wanted to let you know all of those seats are now contested with this announcement

    Former FBI agent, corruption investigator files for State Auditor

    RALEIGH – Former FBI Special Agent and State Board of Elections Chief Investigator Chuck Stuber will file for the office of North Carolina State Auditor on Friday. Stuber, a Republican, has exceptional qualifications for the State Auditor position with both accounting and law backgrounds and over 30 years of law enforcement experience. As an FBI Special Agent for over 28 years, Stuber worked on a multitude of high profile white collar and corruption cases, including cases which resulted in the prosecution of North Carolina Governor Mike Easley, Speaker of the House Jim Black, Senator and Presidential Candidate John Edwards, and two U.S. Congressmen, Donald “Buz” Lukens and Frank Ballance, among many others.

    In preparing to file for office, Stuber made the following statement: “I feel I am uniquely qualified for the position of N.C. State Auditor and will be able to do an outstanding job bringing to justice those who perpetuate fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption. I hope the citizens of North Carolina will give me the opportunity to show them how I can protect their hard-earned tax dollars, and I am looking forward to the exciting challenge of serving as North Carolina’s State Auditor.”


    TIMELINE – Chuck Stuber’s record of public corruption investigations with the FBI

    1996 U.S. Congressman Donald “Buz” Lukens, convicted of accepting bribes. Ohio businessman John Fitzpatrick was also convicted of paying bribes to Lukens. This case was part of the U.S. House of Representatives Bank scandal in Washington, D.C.

    2003 Ricky Godwin, a major owner and supplier of video poker machines

    2004 U.S. Congressman Frank Ballance and his son, District Court Judge Garey Ballance

    2006 North Carolina Lottery Commissioner Kevin Geddings

    2006 N.C. House of Representatives member Michael Decker, for accepting a $50,000 bribe from Speaker of the House Jim Black

    2007 N.C. Speaker of the House Jim Black

    2008 Boyce Hudson, a DENR official who negotiated a $100,000 agreement to expedite a permit from a company attempting to build an ethanol plant in eastern NC

    2008 Jim Perry, the former mayor of Wake Forest, and Dave Brady for offering the bribe to Hudson

    2010 Ruffin Poole, Governor Easley’s right hand man, and often referred to as “the little governor”

    2010 Mike Easley, who was the first NC Governor ever to plead guilty to a felony

    2011 Former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards

    1. And, that, Pal, is once again an endorsement prior to filing season ending. ONCE AGAIN, you have violated the Party Plan of Organization…. You know, the plan you’ve never read.

  5. So Dallas has also successfully placed Phil Berger, Jr. into the Appellate Court race over the more qualified Jeanette Doran.
    Must be trying to buy protection….. Ex. Comm. don’t play that protection cronyism crap Homey.

  6. Janette Doran is one of my closest personal friends. There is not one ounce of truth to her being forced out of the race. Janette was always eyeing 2018. She was one of several we were recruiting TO run. That part of this story is 100% false.

    1. If Janette is like the rest of your DO NOTHING RINO ilk: Burr, Tillis, Holding, ect. than that it is a good reason not to vote for her. Dallas Woodhouse is an establishment crony who picks weak candidates so they can bow down to big business and crony capitalists. Any conservative that votes establishment is the PROBLEM. And, if conservatives can’t beat them, vote democrat. Conservatives need to go NUCLEAR on Dallas and company and completely start over with another party!

  7. You can’t deny you’ve endorsed one candidate over another in this filing period, Dallas. You don’t follow or respect the PPO and it’s obvious you don’t have a grasp on who you report to. If you think it’s Art Pope or your well entrenched establishment cronies you’ll soon realize that ain’t happening for long.

  8. I find it odd that someone eyeing 2018 would have taken a poll for a specific race for 2016. That part of the excuse just does not add up.

  9. Yes it is Janette. We have endorsed nobody. I suspect you would have complained that the party
    Was not doing its job if we had the seat completely unchallenged and that is what was about to happen.

    I am proud that we have filled all the Council of State races and COA with quality candidates

    1. There is actually a fine line here. There is a point where the party does need to recruit, but beyond that where there are multiple good prospective candidates eyeing a seat, the party does NOT need to take sides. Understanding the difference is something party leaders need to understand, and there seems to be some question as to whether you do. It is one of the things that raise questions about hiring someone as ED with no real background in the NCGOP party structure.

  10. It is Jeanette who I worked hard with to elect last time. I did nothing, not one thing to discourage her. We have worked closely together for nearly a decade since I was at At AFP and she was at NCICL. The premise of this is wrong. Period.
    My only point was to try find a qualified candidate
    to file. It’s the very exact thing we are currently doing.

    Here are some seats in the NC Senate we need republicans to file in.

    District 3 – Sen. Erica Smith-Ingram (Bertie, Chowan, Edgecombe, Hertford, Martin, Northampton, Tyrrell, Washington)
    District 5 – Sen. Don Davis (Greene, Lenoir, Pitt, Wayne)
    District 20 – Sen. Floyd McKissick (Durham, Granville)

    Here is the full house and senate list of places we need candidates


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