#NCSEN: Burr aide hit with calls for firing, ethics complaint in Cruz probe kerfluffle

burrIt looks like Tricky Dick’s taxpayer-funded mouthpiece-ette really stepped in it: 

Last night, Becca Glover Watkins, communications director for Chairman Richard Burr of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, engaged in behavior that was unbefitting of her position. During the course of the GOP presidential debate, an unfortunate political smear was lobbed at Senator Ted Cruz by Senator Marco Rubio when Rubio falsely asserted that Senator Cruz had disclosed classified information. This lie was then disseminated by Glover Watkins, utilizing her United States Senate title and her official Twitter account.

The fact that Senator Cruz has done nothing improper is underscored by the swift announcement of Senator Burr and Senator Feinstein that Senator Cruz would not be investigated for wrongdoing.

Vets for a Strong America’s stance is two fold: first, in her position as communications director for the Chairman of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Glover Watkins has a professional duty to tell the truth and a heightened duty to follow the law with regard to classified information. Given that last night Glover Watkins was seemingly willing to either a) re-disseminate classified information for political purposes, or b) to lie about a member of the United States Senate, we are demanding her immediate removal from the position of communications director. We are further filing an Ethics Complaint regarding her conduct in this matter.

Second, VSA would hope that the Select Committee will investigate and hold hearings into the actual mishandling of classified information by Hillary Ccruzlinton. We will be aggressively petitioning Senator Burr for action regarding accountability for Clinton and any others involved in sharing classified information over her secret home brew server.

Lastly, VSA is disappointed in the behavior of Senator Marco Rubio for lying about a fellow Senator and using an issue as important as national security to achieve a political objective. More often than not, Senator Rubio looks less like a serious Member of Congress, and more like John McCain’s personal Senate mini-me, parroting Gang of 8 talking points. VSA will not stand by while Senator Rubio continues to distort the strong national security record of Senator Ted Cruz.

voiceWe told you earlier about Burr telling the world on national TV that he planned to investigate Cruz for his comments during the last presidential debate.  After taking hostile fire for days, Tricky Dick and his team announce that their guy was JUST KIDDING.  (April December Fool!)

Lady Liberty — one of our favorite warrior princesses — is speculating that the whole thing was an Alinsky-like tactic by Burr to help his buddy Marco Rubio. (Hmm. I wonder what Larry Holmquist thinks about all this.)

9 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Burr aide hit with calls for firing, ethics complaint in Cruz probe kerfluffle

  1. >Lady Liberty — one of our favorite warrior princesses — is speculating that the whole thing was an Alinsky-like tactic by Burr to help his buddy Marco Rubio. 

    So the neocon pick Rubio is attacking Cruz with a rubber sword and Cruz has a campaign chock full of neocons. The net result is Conservatives who might ordinarily support Rand Paul, who the neocons despise, are suddenly flocking to the defense of Cruz and it’s win-win for the neocons.

    You might be right about the Alinsky-like tactic.

    1. Give me a break, Cruz is no neocon. Rand Paul’s problem is his support for McConnell. Not to mention his involvement with allowing members of Congress being excluded in Obama Care. Congress as a “small business”, really?

  2. Why is this group just going after Burr’s aide when Burr himself publicly joined the pile on against Cruz? This group needs to be endorsing either Larry Holmquist or Judge Wright in the Senate primary. Lets send Burr packing.

  3. Exactly, nothing new for Burr to smear conservatives. Look what he did down in Mississippi for the Most liberal Thad Cochran.Burr engaged in race pimping, South Chicaga Style politics, on behalf of Thad Cochran to get black people out to vote in the primary. Burr claimed the challenger was racist and would thwart the Obama agenda. At the same time Thad Cochran was having an affair with his secretary while his wife was dieing in a nursing home. Whom he has since married….
    And , Burr was correct, Thad Cochran and the republican establishments are advancing Obama’$ agenda as fast as they can. Just look at the latest spending bill being advanced by Paul Ryan and Company. I am sure the liberal GOPE can’t wait to sign it.

  4. Does anyone else think that Burr (in throwing his weight around as Senate Intelligence Committee Chair to “elevate” his profile) is seriously over playing his hand–and embarrassing himself in the process?

    Larry Holmquist

  5. When Burr was a congressman he did his job supporting the people,when he was elected as a Senator he became a Globalist. This is where the grass meets the road. I was blind in 2010 but will not vote for him in 2016. I will vote for Holmquist in the primary. Globalism is the destruction of all sovereign countries around the world. Global Warming is also a Hoax. Man cannot control climate change unless you control the HAARP system in Alaska and the other locations around the world. This is another tax burden pushed on the slaves around the world.

  6. Larry Holmquist is a winner!
    Richard Burr has known Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, is an undocumented, illegal alien, usurper being manipulated by George Soros, the Crony-Capitalists and the Neocons of the Council on Foreign Relations, CFR!
    I personally delivered 30 pages, (9 documents,) regarding Soetoro’s ineligibility to Burr’s office March 19th, 2013!

  7. Grassroots North Carolina, the state’s main pro-gun group, has now also called out RIchard Burr for his slur on Ted Cruz in an email to their members:


    Burr is more and more wearing out his welcome with conservatives. If he survives the primary, the ”lesser of the evils” theory will not likely save him in November.

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