#NCSEN: Brannon vs. Tillis. FreedomWorks vs. Rove. Game ON!

gb1FreedomWorks — arguably One of the biggest dogs in grassroots Tea Party politics —  stepped forward Tuesday night in Raleigh to put its stamp of approval on the US Senate candidacy of Cary physician Greg Brannon.  This is the second major Tea Party-affiliated endorsement for Brannon.  US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) formally endorsed his candidacy in 2013.  

FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe got to work on Brannon’s behalf quickly last night with an email blast to FreedomWorks supporters:

With your help Kay Hagan will be a one-term Senator.

FreedomWorks for America’s network of over 150,000 activists in North Carolina is fired up andready to send Hagan home.

But the activists know it isn’t enough just to beat Kay Hagan. We must replace her with a REAL conservative. Someone who will ALWAYS vote with the Constitution – not the Washington Establishment.

That’s why we’re proudly endorsing Dr. Greg Brannon to replace Kay Hagan as the next US Senator from North Carolina.

Greg Brannon is a true Constitutional Conservative. He will stand with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul to repeal ObamaCare and put an end to Obama’s liberal agenda.

Greg is a lifelong doctor and entrepreneur, not a career politician. He’s served the people of North Carolina as an OB/GYN for over 20 years. He’s a husband and the father of seven children. He understands the values North Carolinians hold dear. And that’s why he’s running for Senate. He wants to make sure the America you and I grew up in, an America that believes in hard work, freedom, and opportunity, is available for his children!

He can defeat Kay Hagan. But he needs your help.

FreedomWorks for America specializes in grassroots activism. We provide training, tools and materials–such as yard signs, door hangers, and bumper stickers. We have materials ready to go out the door for Greg Brannon, but we need volunteers. We need patriots to step up and distribute materials.

Will you be a distribution center for FreedomWorks for America’s network of activists today?

Campaigns come down to the number of hard-working activists on both sides. And as a distribution center you will make sure thousands of activists across North Carolina have the materials they need to get the word out and elect Dr. Greg Brannon.

Together we can defeat Kay Hagan and elect a true conservative to the United States Senate. Together we can elect Dr. Greg Brannon.

I hope you will volunteer.

In Liberty,

Matt Kibbe Signature

Matt Kibbe
President & CEO

P.S. Check out our full press release on Greg Brannon’s endorsement here.

This move definitely sends a clear signal and presents a challenge to efforts by Karl Rove and the establishment GOP.  As groups like FreedomWorks are stepping up their game in this election cycle, news reports indicate that Rove and his war on the Tea Party are taking quite a hit.  (Rove and his allies have been helping the campaign of state House speaker Thom Tillis.) 

8 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Brannon vs. Tillis. FreedomWorks vs. Rove. Game ON!

  1. “FreedomWorks for America’s network of over 150,000 activists in North Carolina is fired up and ready to send Hagan home.”

    Huh? If FW really has that many activists just in NC, Brannon should win by a landslide. 150,000 is 7.5% of the total number of registered Republican voters in NC (yes, I know Unaffiliateds can participate, too). And that’s not too far away from the percentage of people who typically turn out to vote in Primaries.

    1. I suspect that like many groups, they consider everyone on their mailing / email list to be an activist member. While their number who will get out and work is obviously less than that, FreedomWorks has a good track record in other states in helping conservatives beat establishment squishes.

      I am also looking forward to FreedomWorks running ads blasting TIlli$’ miserable record, such as his support for amensty for illegal aliens.

  2. The recent court case will stop Brannon. He was a long shot to begin with and this court case will end any chance he had. I admit he looked like a good candidate but who wants to take a chance on this court case becoming a bigger issue in the general election. Tillis may not be my ideal choice but he has stood the test of time. This is not a time to be taking chances.

    1. This court case is small potatoes compared to the outright corruption of Tillis in trying to help the bank he is part owner of, which invests heavily in green energy, by working to kill the repeal of the renewable energy mandate in the legislature. Tillis’ actions will mean higher electric bills for all of us just so he can line his own pockets.

      Tillis has consistently shown that he is nothing but a rent boy for the special interests. The main difference between Tillis and Hagan is that one wears a skirt, and the other doesn’t, at least that we know about!

      The ”test of time”???? How by getting very liberal ratings on the Civitas Conservative Effectiveness rating? By supporting amensty for illegal aliens? Tillis has flunked all the tests that matter to conservative voters.

    2. Anyone can file a lawsuit against anyone for almost any reason. I’m going to file a lawsuit against Thom Tillis just to make a point.

      1. Or how about an ethics complaint about Tillis’ improper actions on behalf of that bank he is part owner of which invests in green energy boondoggles? If you are going to file something, might as well do so on subject matter that has some substance to it!

  3. Yeah. I like the title: Game On!
    This election will be a defining moment in politics. Twofold. The Republican party fracture will heal or widen. The party will prevail or plummet.
    And while we are at it….It seems the Republican party has become the party of ‘exclusion’ more than inclusion. So all the direct mail and email come ons that court the public have no real sincerity, do they?
    We want you involved and helping us and your donation is appreciated…well actually we might want you to just do what we tell you and sit quietly with no input–but your donation is still welcome.

    1. Right now the only people the establishment republican party excludes are people that want the country to get back to constitutional conservatism. Many of the the Republican politicians are just “liberal light”, not conservative. They talk conservatism during campaign season and once they are elected they pretend to put up a fight against liberalism. However as soon as there is real pressure they collapse into a puddle of goo and lick their liberal masters hands. The Republican party better wise up or they will go the way of the Whig party.

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