#ncpol: Sex & The US Senate

Are you a Carrie, Miranda or Samantha?  A Thom, Dick or Debbie?  (Inquiring minds WANT to know.) snip20161008_1

There are all kinds of serious issues facing the country.  But here we are in 2016 discussing North Carolina’s 1995 debate on a sex offender registry. 

Team Burr likely wants to avoid discussion of his voting record and his stands on the issues.  In all likelihood, those details would end up looking WAY TOO similar to the platform of challenger Deborah Ross.

Instead of focusing on an issue that has nothing to do with his service in the Senate, I’d like Richard Burr to give us an honest to goodness reason to reelect him.  (Other than to keep lining the pockets of certain very specific cronies.)  I’d like to know WHY fighting the implementation of ObamaCare was “the worst idea he’d ever heard.”

I’d like to know WHY he campaigned as a conservative, but has racked up one of the most liberal voting records among Senate Republicans.   Burr’s most recent conservative raburrnking was 39% out of a possible 100. That’s an F. All Democrats in the Senate earn Fs.  The most conservative Democrat got a grade of 12%.  Ross would likely earn a grade of 6 to 12 percent in the Senate.  So, replacing Burr’s 39% (F+?) with, say,  a 9% (F-?) from Ross would be like passing up Pabst Blue Ribbon for a can of Schaefer’s.  You’re going from BAD beer to WORSE beer.

Well, the National Republican Senatorial Committee and Team Burr are smacking Ross around now for allegedly opposing a state sex offender registry while she was a lobbyist for the ACLU and a state legislator.  Ross countered that she did not oppose the concept of a registry, but had issues with the details of the legislation. 

Here’s the original bill at the heart of the matter.  Here’s an analysis from NC State.

i-cant-keep-calm-im-samanthaNorth Carolina’s law has a time limit on registration — ten years.  It also requires you to report to law enforcement whenever you move from your home base.  It’s kind of like your typical gun registration laws — they work with honest people

You also have the problem of teenagers getting scarred for life by these laws.  Teenage sweethearts decide to go to ”second base” or beyond and end up permanently branded as criminals.  Here’s a case from Indiana where a 19 year old hooked up with a girl who lied and made him believe she was 17 (actually turned out to be 14).    Despite pleas for mercy for the boy from the girl and her mother, the judge sentenced the boy to jail and made him register as a sex offender for 25 years. He can’t: speak to anyone under 17, live near a school, or even visit his family home (where a minor sibling currently lives).

Sex and the City TV series (1998-2004) starring Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones, Kristin Davis as Charlotte York and Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes - dvdbash.com

Here’s another case from Texas.  A 19 year old guy was dating a 16 year old girl. Her mother found out they had sex.  She reported them to the police — thinking the guy would get a warning.  Instead, the guy got branded FOR LIFE as a registered sex offender.  He’s on a publicly-available registry.  (For the record, the guy and the girl are now married with kids.) 

The clamor for sex offender registries — like many drug and drunk driving laws — start off with good intentions but end up with some negative unintended consequences.  (People more in need of drug or alcohol abuse treatment end up in prison.) 

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s good to get the word out about the dangers to kids.  But the concept of these registries is not as perfect and no-brainer as so many want you to think. 

10 thoughts on “#ncpol: Sex & The US Senate

  1. Either way we are up a creek without a paddle. If Ross would promise to not to vote for Shumer for any Sen leadership position. I would vote for her in a heartbeat.

    1. If Burr would promise not to vote for McConnell, and back it up with a huge bond if he lied, I would probably vote for Burr. McConnell is a big part of what is wrong with the Senate. He carries water for Obama just like Reid did.

      1. Whenever legislators don’t want us to know how they voted, for instance when voting for the Speaker of the House or Senate, they just do a roll call vote. That way their constituents don’t get to know the truth.

        Richard Burr is now considered one of the top ten RINO’s. The problem with them, as with many legislators, is that they think you should re-elect them if they occasionally throw us a bone and do something right. Or at least appear to do so. In the private sector, who gets to keep a job by occasionally doing something right.

        Originally members selected for the US Senate were put their by the Governor’s of their respective states. There was far more accountability and transparency with that method.

  2. My biggest concern is the Supreme Court. I trust no one with a (D) after their name to do the right thing about the Supreme Court. We need more originalists on the court. The Supreme Court rules on the Constitutionality of a law, not to be influenced Buy their political affiliation or their environmental upbringing. People with a (D) after their name have a tendency to consider the Constitution as a living breathing document that can be interpreted depending on the times, that just isn’t so. The Constitution is THE guideline for the operation of this country.

    1. Tricky Dick Burr’s record on judicial appointments has been horrible. He has gone to bat for far liberal Obama hacks. I do not trust him on the Supreme Court confirmation, and given his record of backing liberals for judicial appointments your reason is not a valid reason to vote for him.

      In a related confirmation vote, Burr helped give us Loretta Lynch by voting for her on the critical cloture vote, the one place she could have been stopped. After Burr stabbed us in the back on Lynch, there is no reason to trust him on Supreme Court appointments.

  3. It is the lesser of evils as it is in many political races! Burr voted with the Democrats to lift DADT, I emailed his office asking why? Received a letter telling he thought now was the time to do it! After it was reported much later that there had been over 14,000 male on male sexual assaults in the military I sent another email asking if he thought now was still the time, got no response! The democrat running will give you exactly what most if not all democrats give you, a dose of communist ideology! Burr is actually the lesser of the evils unfortunately!

    1. The lesser of two evils is still evil, and that is why I plan to leave my ballot blank for US Senate unless Burr does something dramatic before election day to change my mind.

      What Burr did in the Mississippi US Senate runoff is utterly disgusting, and that alone is enough to withhold ones vote if they are conservative. The Shameful Seven need to be punished.

  4. I’m not voting for either; leaving that bubble blank. Burr is a RINO and doesn’t care about we North Carolinians; he only cares about himself and his buddies.

  5. Burr is an Obama enabler, an elitist insider and the man who gave us Loretta Lynch. He has not a scintilla of interest in doing anything to stop the GOP and Dem establishment — because he Is ONE of them! I am leaving this spot blank. Trump 2016!!

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