Paul Ryan. WHY ???????????

ryanConservatives just helped oust a speaker who was okay with the Wall Street bailout, debt ceiling increases, and amnesty for illegals.  Now, they and the rest of the House are ready to replace said speaker with another guy who pretty much has the same positions on those issues!

Mark Meadows appears to be getting on board with Paul Ryan.  (We know he reads this blog faithfully. He’s commented here before. It would be nice if he would comment on this post — explaining why it is he can “live” with Speaker Ryan.) meadows point

Ryan — coming off that *fantastic* performance in the 2012 presidential campaign where he got waxed by Joe Biden — has issued a set of demands.  Apparently, for him to run, everybody has to support him.  Everybody has to do what he says.  And he HAS to have a schedule that allows him to maintain his current level of family time.

Try making those demands to your boss.  See how well it works.  (Let me know if it DOES actually work.)

Walter Jones is not rolling over and playing nice:

Conservative members of the House are pushing back against Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) demand to nullify the procedural rule put into place by Founding Father and President Thomas Jefferson, which was used by Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and the House Freedom Caucus to oust Rep. John Boehner (R-OH). 

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) exclusively told Breitbart News that Ryan’s demand for changes to the ‘Motion to vacate the chair’ rule proves he wants complete power and control.

“Paul Ryan isn’t even Speaker and he is already trying to take away power from members and consolidate it in House leadership. The reason John Boehnewj1r had to resign as Speaker is precisely because members are sick and tired of the way he concentrated power within leadership at the expense of members. Paul Ryan’s demands to change the rule to vacate the chair doesn’t solve that problem, it adds to it. This is exactly the kind of approach I don’t want to see in a potential Speaker. It’s one of the many reasons I will not be voting for him for Speaker—in addition to the fact that he has voted for big-government spending bills, bailouts for Wall Street and Detroit, TPA, and is openly in favor of amnesty. I’m supporting Congressman Dan Webster for Speaker because he will finally restore regular order and won’t bully members into voting against their consciences.” […] 

Ryan spent 2012 and 2014 campaigning against Tea Partiers in primaries.  He was a staunch ally of Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy.  I don’t see what it is about him that has the so-called conservative intelligentsia swooning over him.

But, if this is the alternative to Boehner — we should have simply BEGGED ‘The Orange Man’ to hang around. The Ryan era won’t be much different from what we’ve been seeing since 2011.


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  1. Simple…the Republicants are skeered shirtless by the MSM…who are saying, since the de-throning of Boehner…that the party is spinning out of control and about to crater. Which is, of course, the Left’s line. Lawd hep us from being criticized by the NY Slime, WaPo, et al! And it’s difficult for we peasants to encourage our GOP legislators since most of the NC Caucus is mainline GOP-E/RINO.

    1. The GOP is rebuilding its base…..with support from solid constitutional principles….we are not scared Mr. S Stubbs. We are brave defenders of the US.

  2. Why?
    Because the extreme Right put itself in an embarrassing situation. They ousted Boehner and removed McCarthy from consideration when they had NO plan for succession of the Speakership. Now the Right is just trying to get someone in that chair to stop the bleeding.

      1. So, according to you blame rest with conservatives? And it’s all conservatives fought? What about all the 2014 promises the Rino ilk made to get elected? You remember “removing Obama Care root and branch”. How about their promise to Cut, cut, cut federal spending. Entitlement reform? Obama trade? Securing the border? Cromnibus??Any sound familiar to you? It was all a PACK OF LIES. And, people like you haven promoted the RINO establishment to the point of being incompetent!

    1. It is not ”the right”. It is the Republican grassroots. The polls show that over 70% of GOP voters are uphappy with the GOP leadership in Congress and their utter failure to stand up to Obama, over 60% of them to the point of calling it a ”betrayal”. Going from Boehner to Boehner’s stooge Ryan, who is also a full blown Obama enabler who refuses to stand up to Obama does NOT square things with GOP voters. It is just more of the same.

      The real problem in DC is that we have a political class that listens to K Street and the special interests instead of to Main Street, and K Street wants to go along to get along with Obama. If these idiots in DC do not wake up, they are going to end up like the Whigs or like the old Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Fed up GOP voters are so far using the presidential race to show their displeasure at those in power in the party.

    2. No plan for succession? Conservatives have been backing someone eminently qualified to be Speaker of the US House, Congressman Daniel Webster of Florida, who before coming to Congress was Speaker of the State House in his home state. Webster was elected as a reform candidate as state house speaker at a time when ratings for that office were very low, proceeded with a reform of procedures and rules to open up the process, reduce the power of his own office, and give more power to the individual legislators. The positive ratings for the State House under Webster’s speakership soared. That is exactly what is needed in the US House, a reform and democratization of the process. Webster is only a moderate conservative, with conservative ratings around 70% but it is commitment to reform of procedures that conservatives in the US House are interested in. Webster is also more willing to actually challenge Obama, which is badly needed. Ryan’s conservative ratings are only about 50% and he is in fact among the most liberal 25% of the GOP caucus, and he always caves in to Obama’s demands.

    3. Yes, there was a plan. His name is Webster. When McCarthy bowed out, Boehner shut down that meeting…..(Clearly Chaffitz and Webster were not establishment enough for him). Once again, he is using his power at the top to ignore anyone at the bottom of his power pyramid….which is the very problem that got him ousted. I think Ryan is a decent man and I pray he can bring the party together and topple that power pyramid.

      1. Ryan is part of the power pyramid, and the personal choice of Boehner. He is not about to topple his main support base. We need someone like Webster who is not part of the Boehner clan.

  3. Ryan is an open borders guy. Mark Meadows and crew are sell-outs who like the rest of the GOP dirtbags could give a flying flip about this country. Only Jones has consistently stood up for us. We MUST vote these POSes out.

    1. You are absolutely correct. Conservatives are sold out every time, and Ryan will make even Boehner look like a conservative! Ryan wants “family time” so let’s give him permanent family time.I do not understand Meadows…he knows better. Thank God for Walter B. Jones. His word is good. He is the only one of the NC delegation who pays attention to the wishes of the voters.

  4. Replace Boehner with a Boehner clone on steroids?

    Makes total sense apparently to the Freedom Caucus, that has divested itself of any shred of integrity.

  5. When … if … the GOP votes in Ryan, that act will sever the final, thin, tenuous strand connecting the People with their supposed representatives. The GOP will then join the Executive and Judiciary branches in aligning against America outside the Beltway. The social contract will finally be dead.

  6. “Replace Boehner with a Boehner clone on steroids? Makes total sense apparently to the Freedom Caucus, that has divested itself of any shred of integrity.”
    Dittos, Kathy. I am stupefied. The Freedom Caucus was flexing their muscles, and had finally achieved a measure of control in the House, in that they could prevent any Representative from becoming Speaker. Then, all of a sudden, they cave for Ryan?
    “The polls show that over 70% of GOP voters are unhappy with the GOP leadership in Congress and their utter failure to stand up to Obama, over 60% of them to the point of calling it a ”betrayal”)”.
    You’re also absolutely right, John.
    Could it be that’s the reason why “Washington Outsiders” like Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are leading in the polls? Mind you, they are still leading despite the Main Stream Media and the “Karl Rove Establishment RINOS” doing everything they can to destroy them! Maybe that’s why the “Anointed One” (Jeb Bush) is stagnant at around 5% (despite him having all the “establishment” money).
    We should have an amendment to the North Carolina Constitution, where we could “recall” these lying scum bags like Thom Tillis, Richard Burr and (of course) Renee Ellmer, who campaign as conservatives, then once submerged in the Washington cesspool, vote as RINOS (and cheaters).
    Did I mention……”cheaters”…..?

  7. I saw something like this on the blog a week or two.. but say your one of the 40 freedom caucus members. You have the power to short sheet one guys position of power but not anywhere near enough to take it yourself. So from that position you make many demands of other party members that are part of a block far bigger than your own. Of course you must have a Speaker so short sheeting is now a non starter if you want to look like your part of the solution. Suddenly you are in a no win situation. Either you compromise or both you and the other side loses making the party looking incompetent. Put another way you risk looking incompetent yourself. So you make a deal and put the issue behind you. Its like what was written in another publication.. what happens if your the dog who caught the car and have the bumper in your mouth and standing in the middle of the street. What happens? You get run over. The Freedom caucus made a deal to spare themselves the ignominious outcome of being seen as politically obtuse. Which they weren’t.. hope that helps

      1. I think you must have hit the right nail on the head. We get out smarted, out played, by the pandering left on every single issue. Our current speaker should be as much Conservative as Nancy P. Is liberal…. unfortunately That’s a fact that the Rino establishment will never except since they “SURE AINT NO JESSIE!

    1. That is why the Freedom Caucus has focused on procedures rather than on personalities, making reform of the processes their main objective, and pushing someone who is only a moderate conservative (in the 70s on conservative ratings) but firmly committed to reform of the process to stop the concentration of power in the Speaker. There are also a number of other Congressmen who are not in the Freedom Caucus who would fit the caucus’ goals.

      Boehner;s hack Ryan is much more liberal, having a conservative rating in the 50s that puts him in the most liberal 25% of the overall GOP caucus, and wants to go the opposite direction by increasing the Speaker’s power.

      The Freedom Caucus should have politely stuck to its guns, and remained undecided until Ryan came around on their procedural reform proposals. I doubt Ryan would have done that because Boehner would not have let him, which would have gotten Ryan out of the mix, but with the Freedom Caucus not making it personal,

      The Congressional Republicans have a huge problem with its voter base that has been showing up in polls for about a year now, By electing Ryan, the Congressional Republicans would be doubling down on the very things that have their voter base furious. Only someone totally tone deaf, as so many inside the beltway politicians are, would think that is a viable way forward. At some stage, there will be a breaking point, and the voter base will abandon them, so the Ryan strategy is very risky, How fast a well established national political party that betrays its base can collapse was shown a couple of decades ago in Canada with the rapid collapse of the Progressive Conservative Party with their base moving quickly to the Reform Party (now renamed the Conservative Party, and which won three straight national elections). America has not seen that since the Whigs, but Boehner and McConnell may be setting the stage for it to happen again,

  8. Why Ryan?

    Well, the GOP did a good job ridding themselves of Boehner. Then the car stopped and the dog did not know what to do.

    It is the “against syndrome.” We are against Boehner but we ain’t for nobody else.

    1. You haven’t been paying attention. Boehner refused to let the vote proceed when his own candidate bowed out, even though there were too other viable candidates. He demanded his own guy, which is what Ryan is.

  9. Many of us in Mark’s district will be extremely disappointed if he votes for Ryan who apparently thinks he is smarter than Thomas Jefferson who wrote the “vacate the chair” rule. What was the point? Again, it appears that what “we the people” want is ignored.

  10. Look, we have got to stop throwing out roadblocks when we have no alternate plan. Ryan is known as an ethical man, smart and seems to have his ego in check. We have got to stop thinking we can turn this Country around in one fell swoop. It is more important to get somethings we fight for, rather than nothing…which is what will happen if Hillary wins. If independents think our party is the cause of gridlock, they will abandon us.

    1. But we do have and have had an alternate plan, with two highly qualified candidates for Speaker. The demagogue Boehner demands his own guy, and that is Ryan.

      Only Obama Republicans believe that ”gridlock” is a problem. The real problem that is causing the Boehner clique and therefore the party a problem in the polls is our wussy leadership’s failure to confront the radical programs of Obama.

  11. When a republican like Paul Ryan ends up being trashed as a Rhino by fellow conservatives you know that the train has really gone off the track and we are in real trouble.This thread is no different than the rantings of the far left wackos are to the D’s.
    The so-called Freedom Forum are a rump group of backbenchers who are like crybaby’s who want their toys-or else. Maybe they should read the constitution they quote so much and notice that there is a separation of powers and that Congress CANNOT govern by themselves.

    1. That is the spiel of the Obama Republicans. Obama IS governing by himself because the GOP in Congress is led by scared little girls with their panties in a twist who are afraid of their own shadows.

      I don’t know what you mean by ”a Republican like Paul Ryan” but his conservative rating puts him in the most liberal 25% of the GOP caucus, and that does not make him mainstream. Ryan is a radical supporter of amnesty and open borders. Ryan has consistently supported all of the sellouts to Obama, TARP, CRomnibus, the Stimulus, and lots of other very liberal legislation. His latest budget venture, with Patty Murray, was far, far to the left of what the committee he chaired proposed a few years ago that first got him his noteriety.

      Worst of all, after the rampant abuse of power by Boehner, Ryan proposes to concentrate power further in his hands.

  12. The cries here are just more of the same frustration that we Conservatives have. We vote for what we see as the lesser of two evils only to end with the the same evil. Reagan’s Rule is toast. We have to start primarying RINOs/liars. But how far do we go? If we are true to our beliefs and true to our word, not only do we have to vote against RINOs in primaries, we have to vote against them in the general election, too. Yes, that means voting for a Democrat.

    For many years, I thought the “Great Silent Majority” was code for “Conservative.” If it was, things have changed. It seems that the majority of people in this country are not conservative. We’re fooling ourselves. The power that conservatives have has been seriously marginalized by others and by ourselves.

    Many conservatives win on razor-thin margins. If we conservatives hold our noses and vote for Democrats in those elections, our voices WILL be heard. I’m not saying that’s what we should do, but I am saying that the thought is crossing my mind many times per month. If principles matter, and they do to me, I’d rather vote for a truthful Democrat than a lying RINO. Electing RINOs serves no useful conservative purpose. We are lying to ourselves.

    I wish there were someplace to have this group discussion.

    1. well, getting rid of the likes of George Holding and Patrick McHenry is addition by subtraction so I guess I’ll be splitting my ticket next fall, at least in the Congressional races.

  13. WOW! Great thread folks! It’s very apparent that we are all frustrated at the “Neo-Conservatives” stabbing us in the back (and then, stabbing us in the back, again).
    As J.P. Jones says, maybe it’s time for the torches & pitch forks! Maybe it’s time to melt some hot tar and get some feathers, and some fence rails!
    What the hell, it worked for the rioters, burners and looters in Baltimore, (where the (I’m sorry: BLACK) scum bags were literally throwing bricks at the cops, but the city’s illustrious black mayor – Stephanie Rawlings Blake had ordered the police to “stand down”, and not defend themselves). And hey, the Black Lives Matter anarchists seem to be getting all the “street cred” they desire, including an endorsement from the ultimate Saul Alinsky anarchist, Barack Hussein Obama..
    Welcome to Hussein’s (I’m not a Muslim, honest!) “fundamental transformation” of America.
    Oh, and more good news. The Obama-Lynch Mafia just announced there will be no federal charges filed in the IRS Scandal (where the Obama Regime’s IRS denied tax exempt status to Conservative and Tea Party Groups) to throw the 2012 election. Obama’s IRS Scandal Architect, Lois Lerner (who took The Fifth at two congressional hearings) is retired on a big fat pension, and will not face charges. Go figure.
    That being said, it’s time to re-group. The ultimate goal should be to keep The Wicked Witch of the East (Hillary Clinton) out of the White House (at any cost).

  14. We need to move forward. Paul Ryan will be better able to deal with President Hillary Clinton. That is what is most important now.

    1. Yeah, Ryan will be just as collaborationist with Hillary by selling out to her as Boehner has been with Obama. Ryan has supported, not opposed, all of Boehner’s cave ins to Obama. Why do you think Boehner twisted Ryan’s arm to be the Boehner candidate for Speaker? We need a fighter, not a wussy like Ryan.

  15. Forget Ryan. One of three members dropped out and they stopped the election. Want to raise hell about something? Raise hell about that.

  16. “We need to move forward. Paul Ryan will be better able to deal with President Hillary Clinton”
    I dunno, JR, I dunno. I don’t wish any ill will on the stupid woman (cause it comes back to you) but I still have a feeling that the Hildabeast ain’t gonna make it to nomination.
    What is being very carefully concealed by her handlers is that Hillary has major health problems, and has “passed out” on a few occasions. What her handlers also carefully conceal is the majority of American voters just don’t trust her.
    “L’il Bro” Jebbie and his little “establishment” toad Karl Rove (and 70% of Republican voters) have now grudgingly admitted that Donald Trump is the likely nominee. Hopefully, Dr. Ben Carson and “The Donald” can mend fences. What an awesome ticket!
    “President” Hillary Clinton (an Obama clone) is untenable for America. She must be stopped, at all costs!
    The future of America is at stake.

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