#ncga: the road ahead for redistricting brouhaha

The speaker hath spoken:

From: Rep. Tim Moore dolmore
Sent: Friday, February 12, 2016 4:59 PM
To: @House/Members; @House/Legislative Assistants; @Speaker Tim Moore’s Staff
Subject: Notice of Upcoming Week

Dear Members:

As a follow up to my email on Monday, I wanted to advise you as to the anticipated schedule for next week. Committee appointments and notices will go out shortly and at this time here is the anticipated schedule for next week:

Monday, February 15: Public hearings originating from the LOB with remote locations around the state at 10am

Tuesday, February 16: Joint Select Committee on Congressional Redistricting meets at 10am

Wednesday, February 17: Joint Select Committee on Congressional Redistricting meets

Thursday, February 18 – Friday, February 19: House and Senate convene (upon the call of the Governor)

We look forward to seeing you next week.



Speaker Tim Moore
North Carolina House of Representatives
16 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
Serving Cleveland County


Folks in the know tell me we should be hearing something from the US Supremes on Tuesday.  (But who knows how the passing of Justice Scalia will affect that timetable.) 

How HARD is it come up with counties that actually have interests in common?  I mean, Wilmington AND Smithfield ???  The Triad AND the northwestern mountains? Down-east AND the Triangle?  (Seriously?)

Many of our districts were drawn to benefit certain pols.  Representation for communities and regions was a distant afterthought.  

Though, this should have been dealt with well before NOW.   

A March primary vote for the US House is looking less and less likely.  Blame the “honorables” on BOTH SIDES of the aisle for this. 

5 thoughts on “#ncga: the road ahead for redistricting brouhaha

  1. The politician I blame most for this train wreck is Senator Richard Burr. He was out praising and promoting radical Obama judicial nominee Max Cogburn, and also naturally voted for him. Even after Cogburn started handing down radical decisions, Burr continued to praise how ”qualified” he was.

    Cogburn was the deciding vote in the 2-1 opinion that threw out our Congressional districts. Before that, he was the judge who threw out our Traditional Marriage amendment.

    Burr continues to vote to confirm radical Obama judges.

    It is high time the voters threw Richard Burr out of his office in the March 15 GOP primary.

    Oh, and when the legislature drew those ink blot districts based on race, they were REQUIRED to create those minority majority districts by the federal Voting Rights Act. These liberal hacks in the courts want to blame the legislature but they will never touch the Constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act. What stinking black-robed hypocrites.

    1. The primary is right around the corner and I am still not too sure who is running in opposition to Senator Burr. I know the pizza delivery man is in the race but I still have trouble remembering whose team he is on. And I believe Brannon got into the race although I have seen no advertising to that effect.

      If Senator Burr is going to be unseated in the primary the campaign managers might want to call for the full court press or somehow or another show the voters that there is an alternative to Senator Burr.

      The only media reports on Burr was an article last week about him having trouble with his “Thing.” Evidently he is still driving that old “Thing” but I do not know if he is racking up the parking tickets. All those tickets were brought up in the last primary but “Ticketgate” was not enough to bring him down. Maybe redistricting will be what brings him down but I have heard little in the media pointing the finger at him.

  2. “Oh, and when the legislature drew those ink blot districts based on race, they were REQUIRED to create those minority majority districts by the federal Voting Rights Act.”

    Yep… we have, otherwise, very simple and straightforward rules for all this. But when you force political considerations into the process… you’re gonna end up with politically drawn districts.

    If they removed those rules and could stick to the actual basic guidelines, the districts can kinda draw themselves… you could get fair and unbiased results with a simple smartphone app. 🙂

  3. These unnamed “folks in the know” are clueless. The prevailing plaintiffs were given until Tuesday to file a reply to the state’s motion seeking an emergency stay. The justices’ clerks will not have even finished reading the filing before COB on Tuesday.

  4. Atnor is correct. The the voting rights act, passed years ago, demanded guaranteed minority winners based on the percentage of minorities in the state. Those districts were gleefully drawn by the Dems years ago. The GOP challenged them at the time. Dems defended. NOW they object? Be careful what you wish for…..

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